Beauty Diaries

Model/Actress Shruti Narayann tells us her beauty secrets

Photographer: Krishna Iyer, Kriator; Model: Shruti Narayann
Photographer: Krishna Iyer-Kriator; Model: Shruti Narayann

Body: My first tip would be that you have to have a good body. You’ve got to maintain your figure, because the camera makes you put on weight. Genetically, I’m skinny but I do yoga and work out like twice a week in a proper gym
Skin: I have very sensitive skin. It breaks out when I put on make up. So I avoid wearing make up as much as I can. I also make sure I remove my make up after my work.
Hair: I use plain coconut oil for my curls.
Food: I eat a lot of junk food and believe that you should eat everything in moderation. Processed food de-stresses you and makes you feel good and so it makes you look good. I have a major sweet tooth; especially rasmalai and moti chur laddoo. I am a vegetarian and avoid eggs too. I also prefer eating a lot of home food and rarely eat outside.
Fashion: I think the way you dress is very important. It makes a lot of difference. You have to be comfortable and look good. It could be the biggest disaster for you if you are pouring out of your clothing and look uncomfortable. I love wearing denims a lot and if I am at home, I am dressed in a pajama and ganji or shorts and a t-shirt. When I go out, I love wearing maxi dresses. My style is bohemian-gypsy and I love flowy dresses, pretty dangling, oxidised earrings (South-Indian style) and often scour them at exhibitions.

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