I'm Thrilled to Make My Bollywood Debut with Govinda Sir – Rishika Kapoor

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘Dreams do come true when you work hard and are disciplined?’ Well, that is the case with actor, Rishika Kapoor, who is set to make her dream Bollywood debut with none other than the Energy Star Govinda. Tune in as the Delhi-born Rishika spills beans on what her movie, ‘Bhagwan Ke Liye Mujhe Chhod Do’, is about and on her playing the female lead in this IAD exclusive interview.
IAD: You got a chance to work with Govinda sir in your first movie. How do you feel about it?
Rishika Kapoor: That’s an interesting question! I’d say I’m fortunate to work with him. Govinda sir is amazing, both as an actor and as a person. I got to learn so much from him. I am lucky because this is my first movie and I got a chance to work with him.
His dialogue delivery, his energy on the sets, it’s inspiring, and he is very good with people. 🙂
I still remember my first day when I met him. He is a true gentleman. Though I was initially very nervous, he made me feel comfortable. It was easy working with him later on. He’s someone who I was very comfortable working with. He introduced me to the Bollywood, I would say.
IAD: How did you bag the lead role in a Bollywood movie and that too paired opposite such a renowned actor?
RK: It’s a funny story. I met Govinda sir through my dad. When he first saw me, he complimented me by saying that I looked like Rani Mukherjee. He told me that he was planning to do a movie and asked if I would be interested in acting. I didn’t think twice and sharply exclaimed, ‘Yes!’ and shared my portfolio.
In just one week, his assistant called me and asked if I could come for shooting the film the next day morning! He asked, “Are you comfortable working with me?” I could not believe it. I was then introduced to the director and designer of the film. I soon learned that I was playing the main lead in the movie. It was super exciting! (Chuckles)
IAD: How was it working with him? How was your overall experience?
RK: So, on the first day of shooting, I met Ganesh Acharya ji, the renowned choreographer, film director, and actor. He asked me, “Abhi hame gaana shoot karna he hame. Main tho fit hu, tumhara kya scene he?” [Rishika, we have a dance scheduled today. Will you be able to join and dance with me?] I was amazed and said I would try my best. But, I can tell you; no actor can match him as a dancer or an actor.
He gave me a tip to have dry fruits every day to boost my energy. Whenever somebody visits his house, he offers them a big basket of dry fruits. The whole experience was very new and thrilling to me.
IAD: The movie is called Bhagwaan Ke Liye Mujhe Chod Do?
RK: Yeh bhi Govinda ji ka idea hain [the title of the film was his idea]. I am not allowed to reveal much about the plot, but it is comical, like Raja Babu. And Govinda ji is playing an interesting double role in the movie after a long time! I play the character of a bubbly girl paired opposite the younger hero.
There’s a fight sequence in the film with a full-on action sequence. I got specialized training from the action director Kaushal Moses, who also works with Salman Khan, for the fight scenes. He prepared me for the role. I’m sure the audience will like my part. (Chuckles)
The movie also has a lot of senior actors playing key roles; Sharat Saxena ji is playing my father, and Makarand Deshpande, my uncle. The film has been shot in Mumbai, Goa, and some parts of UP.
The movie’s release is on hold because of the current COVID situation. But I believe it will be out soon.
IAD: Did you have any previous work experience before this?
RK: I always wanted to be an actor. When I was in Delhi, I used to participate in theaters and dramas. I have also shot for many ads and did modelling gigs, but acting in a cinema? This is my first time. (Chuckles)
IAD: As we are all about ads, we would like to know what made you pursue modelling? And the brands you have associated with or worked with earlier?
Rishika Kapoor: I had always wanted to be an actor. In college, I was participating in dramas and events. I have always been fascinated with movies since my childhood. Slowly I started getting modelling gigs, and soon I was working with a Delhi-based agency. I have done plenty of photoshoots for Jeweller brands and ad shoot with one of the biggest brands – for Kalyan Jewellers, Pune.
IAD: When did you move to Mumbai? Did you feel that there is a lot of competition? Were you nervous?
RK: I feel that there is no competition because everyone is different, and everyone has work based on their skills and job requirements. I made good friends in this field. I also work hard every day because I wanted to be an actor and prove to myself that I could do it. I don’t worry about what others think of me. I give my 100% in every job, whenever I am in front of the camera. So, all my focus and goes into improving myself rather than looking at who I am competing against. 😊
IAD: What is your success mantra? What motivates you to keep going, because the entertainment industry, as everyone says, is harsh?
RK: I believe that it is all about your self-confidence. Everybody knows how challenging this industry can be, not only for newcomers but for veterans. It’s important that you don’t get stressed. Nobody can be sure when we will get a break. All I think about is how do I make sure that I work hard and give my best so that my audience likes my work.
IAD: How do you keep yourself fit, and what are your beauty secrets?
RK: Being a Punjabi, I am a big foodie. But when you decide to become an actor/ model, you have to give up certain food to stay fit. As for diet, I am a vegetarian. I eat a lot of protein and veggies, especially paneer and organic protein powder after my workout. Other than that, I don’t restrict myself from eating anything much.
I practice yoga, and it delights me from inside. I also make sure that I get proper sleep.
IAD: What do you do in your spare time and any hidden talents/ hobbies?
RK: I believe a lot in astronomy. I could read about it the whole day without eating or sleeping. I am curious to learn about black holes and outer space. (Laughs)
I like travelling because I get to learn so many things. I also looveee watching movies.
IAD: Would you like to share anything about your family with us?
Rishika Kapoor: It’s been a year since I call Mumbai, my home. I think I could move here from Delhi because of the upbringing of my parents. They encourage me so much. They come to visit me regularly. My mom, especially, is my pillar of strength. I also have many good friends here whom I can rely on at any time of the day, so I don’t feel alone. In fact, I call them my extended family! (Signs off)
We wish Rishika good luck for Bhagwan Ke Liye Mujhe Chhod Do and future endeavours.
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– By Wajendhar Kulkarni

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