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Top 5 Makeup Tips from Chitra Maudgil Artistry

As promised here are the basic beauty and makeup tips from Chitra Maudgil: Skincare regime: Having a good skin and to achieve that, cleaning with a good face wash, scrubbing once a week, moisturizing;… Continue reading

“I have tons of fun with Adah Sharma” – Chitra Maudgil

She is vivacious, serious about her craft and makes it all look natural and effortless. Makeup artist Chitra Maudgil armed with talent, experience and vigour, all working to her advantage tells IAD about… Continue reading

“I Love Doing Highly Experimental Makeup” – Kulsum Parvez

Kulsum Parvez, make-up artist, hairstylist and grooming expert discusses her transition from the hospitality industry to showbiz, her love for experimentation and bringing a wealth of change in women’s lives through her art.… Continue reading

“One of my big plans is to go to London or New York and learn prosthetic make up” – Ayesha Wadiwala

Make-Up artist Ayesha Wadiwala chats with us about how a hobby turned profession took her to Shahrukh Khan’s house on her first assignment! Ayesha turned her hobby into her profession and laughs when you… Continue reading