"My daddy is my hero!" – Priyanka Chandel

Meet Priyanka Chandel: the confident and pretty model and television artist from Dehradun   Tell us about the influence of your city on your upbringing? The city of Dehradun (Uttarakhand) has moral values instilled in me and I feel that these values are the key to my professional growth.   How did you end up in the MTV Splitsvilla? Honestly, […]

"A good actor would mold himself/ herself into any character; carry any look; and do any given role" – Sunayana Fozdar

Somewhere some Sunayana became something special by romancing the glamor world with the feathers of her beauty. Perhaps, this is a possible discussion of men on Mars. (Sometimes our exaggeration comes out of love. ūüėČ ) ‚̧ Sunayana Fozdar fondly called by her friends as ‘Su’ crowded out as a kid diva in her cute sevens. Appearing prettier than yesterday […]

Bijuria girl – Ishita Arun

Did you know that throat hoarseness is caused because of a little¬†khich khich¬†bacterium who loves to hang in there?¬†The animated monster from this nostalgic¬†Cough Drops¬†ad is the¬†clingy¬†USP of¬†Vicks¬†even today. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcF0h0ch_MU]   The¬†cutie¬†winking in the above ad is¬†Ishita Arun, daughter of the popular folk songstress¬†and actress Ila Arun.¬†While Ila is renowned for her songs like¬†Choli ke Piche, Ishita is famous for […]