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Top 5 Makeup Tips from Chitra Maudgil Artistry

As promised here are the basic beauty and makeup tips from Chitra Maudgil: Skincare regime: Having a good skin and to achieve that, cleaning with a good face wash, scrubbing once a week, moisturizing;… Continue reading

Sulagna Panigrahi’s Beauty Secrets

She has a swag that is instantly noticeable and her cool quotient reflects in her work as well as her words. Sulagna Panigrahi gave us her tips and beauty suggestions Skin: I always… Continue reading

Jividha Ashta’s simple steps to a beautiful you

Actress Jividha Ashta gives us her simple, easy to follow but difficult to sustain steps that will give you inner as well as outer strength, grace and beauty It’s all about H20: I… Continue reading

Find out Maanta Dewan’s secrets to staying beautiful and stylish

The vivacious Maanta Dewan gives us her top tips to stay beautiful and stylish   Be You Tiful: Beauty to me is about being comfortable in my own skin. Just being myself! I would spell… Continue reading

Jannat Sorathia puts a spin on what fashion and beauty mean to her

Jannat Sorathia tells us some top secrets to a fashionable closet and a beautiful face   Must Haves: Fashion is all about standing out in crowd. Things all girls must have in their closet: Denims… Continue reading

Parul Gulati On How To Stay Beautiful

Model and actor Parul Gulati gives us a few of her treasured but simple tricks that keeps her glowing Hydrate:  Drink lots and lots of water as it keeps your skin hydrated. Fruitilicious: Eat at… Continue reading

Model and actor Charu Priya Sengupta on beauty, health & style

Actor and model Charu Priya Sengupta gives IAD reader some quick and easy tips on staying beautiful, healthy and always in style Early riser As I am from the East I am an early… Continue reading

Piya Valecha’s Beauty Mantra

Actor, model and anchor Piya Valecha spells out her mantra for a healthy, stylish and beautiful body and mind.   Positivity: A positive, clear mind, gives you peace, calmness and that’s the single-most… Continue reading

5 Quick & Easy Things To Keep Your Hair Strong, Stylish & Healthy

Actor Nidhi Singh of Permanent Roommates fame, gives us her five golden tips to keep your hair strong and stylish   Have fun: I think it’s great to have fun with your hair. There… Continue reading

Medha’s Secrets For Flawless Skin

Model/Actor/Writer Medha spills her secrets to acquiring a winning skin and easy style *  I have good skin and the credit goes to my Mum. I do nothing for it. I think it’s important to… Continue reading

Model/Actress Shruti Narayann tells us her beauty secrets

•Body: My first tip would be that you have to have a good body. You’ve got to maintain your figure, because the camera makes you put on weight. Genetically, I’m skinny but I… Continue reading