5 Quick & Easy Things To Keep Your Hair Strong, Stylish & Healthy

Nidhi Singh's tips for greathari Nidhi Singh's tips for greathari

Actor Nidhi Singh of Permanent Roommates fame, gives us her five golden tips to keep your hair strong and stylish


Have fun: I think it’s great to have fun with your hair. There was a point when my hair had blue streaks and I loved it! Also, understand your hair type and use products and cut it accordingly.

TLC: Repair and moisturize it especially after it has been styled the previous day. I am a patron of a good hot oil hair massage. Home remedies are the best, no matter what.

Nidhi Singh's tips for greathari
Nidhi Singh’s tips for great hair

What you ingest matters: Eat enough proteins.

Protect it: I don’t like using heat and excessive products on my hair outside of work. If I do then I make sure I protect it.

Be creative: On a bad hair day, a slick back ponytail or a top bun is my go to style.