Piya Valecha’s Beauty Mantra

Piya Valechas beauty secrets Piya Valechas beauty secrets

Actor, model and anchor Piya Valecha spells out her mantra for a healthy, stylish and beautiful body and mind.


Actor, model and anchor Piya Valecha
Actor, model and anchor Piya Valecha

Positivity: A positive, clear mind, gives you peace, calmness and that’s the single-most important thing I work on.

Movement: Some sort of physical exercise is important. Yoga, gym, jogging, zumba or just climbing the staircase. If you have kids, play with them that’s exercise too.

Shut-eye: Sleeping on time is so very important. It helps you deal with stresses of daily life. That rest is important to have good skin.


Glow from within: Piya Valecha
Glow from within:  Piya Valecha

Basic routine: Shower, drink lots of water, keep eating right.

Not the brands it’s the effort: Everyone wants to look good but they should also be ready to take the effort. No amount of good brands of make-up or skin care will bring you results. No number of creams will help unless you have a healthy lifestyle because beauty reflects from within.

No short-cuts: There are absolutely no short-cuts to success. You have to drink green-tea, eat lots of fruits and vegetables to have long-lasting results. Everything takes times and comes with a lot of patience, work and perseverance.