Permanent Roommates: Of love, live-ins and life

Long-distance relationships, live-relationships, transitional worlds, man-woman equation, love, generational differences, the inter-web, real world problems and more. Tvf’s Permanent Roommates explores all this and more, all topped with some humour.
The main characters in Permanent Roommates, played by Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh are no strangers to many of us who live the urban life, meeting people like the characters in the series from time to time. Long distance relationships have become the flavour of this age and is common place what with the internet life taking over. We probably did not think it was possible to date someone living miles away, in another continent and be happy with a remote relationship. Turns out, the world doesn’t work on security or really understanding the person you are dating anymore. In fact, sometimes it’s easier when you are in different continents because that way you have your space, your world, your freedom and the time to really think about what you want out of your life. But is this really a relationship then?

Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh in Permanent Roommates
Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh in Permanent Roommates; Image source: yourstory.com

When Mikesh (Sumeet Vyas) arrives in Mumbai from the States and lands up at Tanya’s (Nidhi Singh) apartment with a ring in his hand, you would think the girl would be thrilled, perhaps overwhelmed but feeling lucky to and thrilled nevertheless to have a guy travel all the way from the US and come to India just for her and surprise her with a proposal. The proposal may not have been ideal but that shouldn’t be the main concern right? Tanya however is a modern girl with dreams and a logical mind. She has been dating this guy for 3 years but has no idea if she wants to spend her life with him. Fair enough. Mikesh on the other hand is sold to this girl, heart and soul.
Mikesh’s character definitely comes across as something etched out of real life. There are many Mikeshs out there; you may have met them somewhere at some point. Simple, lovable but also a little naive and sometimes oversimplifying things that could do with a little more profound thinking. Tanya on the other hand is a perfect example of what women in new India are made of. With life completely in her own hands, the choices in her life are made based on what works logically for her. She does love Mikesh but isn’t sure if she wants to marry him. Like any other girl, knowing him for a few days at close quarters begins shifting her decisions and making Mikesh more of a real possibility.
Tanya’s father, played by Brij Mohan portrays the father every girl would probably hope for. Someone who is old school in terms of what love could do to a person but at the same time embracing the more contemporary aspects of what marriage without spending enough time with one another could do to his daughter’s life. His character is a melange of old school concepts mixed with modern-day technology and way of life. All parents want their children to be happy but are they willing to leave it up to them to live their lives the way they want to? For most of them it is really hard to let go and embrace the fact that life today is grossly different from their time and age which makes deciding for their kids a complicated matter. Something they often regret when what they decide doesn’t turn out right for their offspring. Tanya’s dad is open and understanding but also trusting and perceptive; all the qualities a person needs to survive in this world today. He encourages her daughter to get into a live-in relationship so she can really understand the person who wants to marry her.
Tanya’s roommate Ritu, played by Nidhi Bisht and her boyfriend, the broker, played by Deepak Kumar Mishra the government official and everyone in the series present situations and thoughts that our current world is made of. Permanent Roommates is worth a watch for those exploring the complexities of living an urban life but stuck with some old school ideas.
Permanent Roommates Cast; Image source: facebook.com
Permanent Roommates Cast; Image source: facebook.com

The music by Vaibhav Bundhoo became something of a favourite among the fans and followers of the series. For those who have whole-heatedly watched this and enjoyed it, keep clued in for the second season of TVF Qtiyapa‘s Permanent Roommates that’s coming soon.

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