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Let us talk about the Airtel 3G – Endless Goodbye tv commercial today. The ad portrays a couple who stay always connected in the world of Airtel, when everything tries to tear them apart. Remember? The silent ad film has a very heartening story and does not actually require any rescript. Thumbs up to advertising!
Now, who is the pretty girl featured in the ad??? There is a Facebook Page dedicated to the unknown Girl featured in Airtel-3G Ad “Endless Goodbye”!
Airtel Endless Goodbye video:
So, who is she?! 😕
Lo fellas! I give to you miss Airtel… unforgettable angel… IndianFrench diva… Clio Baran. She is an actress from Paris, the City of Love! 🙂
The ad, aired in 2010, was created to awe create awareness about the launch of Airtel’s new 3G video call services in the country. Love, separation, pain, reconnect, rejoice… Aye, this spot, shot-to-perfection, appealed almost every one! And Clio’s performance at the train departure scene… priceless!!
Credit for this beautifully crafted commercial goes to the international director, Philippe André; its creative director, Adrian Miller; and the agency JWT Mumbai. Its simple, yet emotionally expressive background score is from the album I Giorni (2001), composed by the renowned Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi. The advert has won Bronze at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2011.
Clio Baran is an alumni of Cours Florent drama school. Immense passion towards acting and 3 years of training gave the young talent a breakthrough in the form of a telefilm titled Lagardère (2003). When contacted with the feedback on how much impact this Airtel ad had on the people here, she excitedly (and humbly) replied: Thanks!! 🙂 🙂 it’s an honour …
Clio enjoys playing challenging roles (which demand powerful emoting skills) and likes acting in vintage-style films. She now has a short film Prélude, a few movies, and several high-TRP rated French television series to her credit. Have a look at Clio’s filmography on IMDb.
A teaser of French film Dans La Foulée on Vimeo:
[vimeo 28992926 w=600&h=390]
Clio also models for American Apparel in the US.

Clio Baran ad on
Clio Baran ad on

Au Revoir! 😉

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