Women In Gold

Malabar Gold; Image source: www.jewelorigins.com Malabar Gold; Image source: www.jewelorigins.com

What is it about gold that makes it immortal? Gives it a Godlike reverence? Makes women bite their tongue in sheer adoration?

A gold lover knows how it can light up your face, the medicinal qualities it possesses and the ancient, pious and unbroken ritual of passing it down to the next generation. Our grandmothers who spent their most important occasions and precious moments wearing these; our ancestors who lived a century ago have rubbed on some magic which we hope would also pass on to us. The secrets, the love, the hidden mysteries of lives before us are all held, dusted and carried forward generations after generations.

These are connotations and associations we have with gold. The obsession with it is natural considering ties that go back centuries and then the contemporary allocations of money, power, pride and beauty given to this metal in today’s world.

Some of the most beautiful ads are shot for gold in India. The glamour which targets the commercial market and yet the emotional bend touching people’s hearts across religions and cultures. The brands are varied and the commercials are even more dispersed. One that immediately comes to mind is Malabar Gold. A brand catering jewellery to all brides of India.



The ad commences with a dazzling set of gold bangles, creating a good energy flow and provoking attention. A visually appealing emotional video leads to a path of gold and diamond collection offered by the brand. This particular ad brings people from different cultures and linguistic denominations come together with the jewellery as the centerfold the moral of the story being Malabar Gold’s hand crafted love that is made for people from every walk of life. The emotional quotient is crisp and stays with you.

Beautiful women, beautiful jewellery, pure emotions and a connection at the basic human level is the essence of jewellery commercials. Tanishq, Joy Alukkas, Asmi, Nakshatra, Kalyan, Sangini, D’Damas; we picked some golden ads to showcase the love for jewellery and Indian women: