In The Mood For Celebration: The Wish Chain

We often wish for a world without religions and a place without barriers. We wish for a world with no walls and no boundaries. We wish the world could harmoniously celebrate all the different cultures together as one.
So when there are two festivals being celebrated simultaneously, like two sides of a coin, it gives us a sensation of oneness and our wishes seem to start sprouting. The celebration in the air is infectious. The diyas and the dhols in the gallis come to life during this Ganesh Chathurthi while the beautiful azaans sounded from the speakers around town and the whiff of scrumptious biryani in the air becomes an irresistible temptation to celebrate life and happiness with the people you love.
On this occasion of a bi-religious celebration with Eid and Ganesh Chathurthi, we decided to post this ‘Wish Chain’ video for everyone celebrating; a soundboard for all our wishes and dreams to come true through these auspicious days.

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