Wedeterna’s DIY Approach To Marriages


Something sweet, something quirky and something that will make your heart feel a little gooey, Wedeterna is progressive, contemporary, Indian and all about DIY

When the mother in the video fills in the details on the form that could potentially bring the perfect groom for her darling daughter, you know there’s something worth watching coming your way. While the mum talks about her daughter’s delicious cooking, classical Indian singing skills and other pre-requisites for a good rishta, the daughter turns out to be a punk rocker, a tomboy, a free-spirited young adult who is passionate and loves to have fun. There’s something so real about her being, that the concept of self-arranged marriages starts to play a sweet tune in your mind. Wedeterna brings people closer without basing it on traditional societal pressures.




We are all born with idiosyncrasies, quirks and unique stamps that truly belong to us and us only. As adolescents we may only imagine the complexities of life but when in adult life we come face to face with it, and have to learn to stay still amidst waves, we learn and we grow.

When two people meet with all of these small but significant special traits and patterns that are individualistic and original, it’s hard to imagine how it will work beyond the initial attraction phase. It’s even harder to imagine this romantically working between two people who meet through marriages arranged by the families based on community and social statuses among other things.




Where or rather how can one find real romance without being pressured by the society or peers? The video below will pique your interest in the concept of self-arranged marriages.

Within the constructs of what marriage traditionally stands for while integrating the more contemporary adaptation of this traditional concept, Wedeterna’s approach is in sync with the today’s generation. A DIY approach makes something like marriage seem less intimidating, more like a collaborative project which will bring the couples closer. Their strategy and method are strong but edgy and has an ease about it. Easy to register and navigate through the website, Wedeterna is this generation with a radical twist.






Music: Jeet Singh

Model: Anushka Nair

Ad Director: Saneesh Sukumaran


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