A Brave Story

The LGBT community has only recently begun gaining more strength and place in our society. It maybe more accepted in America, especially in places like San Francisco where you would see trans gender people walking down the streets, in the clubs and they are not stared at. India is transitioning but it has a long way to go.
The interesting story of Nisha who was earlier Zohaib Khan, charts the life of a man who knows he is a man just physically but has a woman trapped inside of him. After sex change operations and finding her own tribe in Delhi, Nisha who was making a living in dance bars, had a moment of complete trust in how things work out for the best while donning make up for a fashion show showcasing trans genders.

Models preparing for the fashion show organised by SPACE
Models preparing for the fashion show organised by SPACE

While Australia’s Andreja Pejic and Brazil’s Lea T are famous examples of trans gender models. India is still catching up to accepting this community and treating them as normal people. Apparently in India these women are asked for sexual favours and money if they want to enter the modelling industry.
When Nisha gets dolled up to be a showstopper at India’s first ever fashion show for transgender, organised by the NGO SPACE (Society for People’s Awareness, Care an Empowerment),  she feels exalted.

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