Having come to Mumbai to become a model more than a decade ago, Neejee Chhabra found her calling […]

“I have always been a rebel since I was a child; I always knew I was made for […]

She¬†started young and had an early career in the movies, ads and television. She is a very well-known […]

She is multi-talented and every bit as experimental, tasteful and endearing. Auritra Ghosh who garnered praise for her […]

“The Vodafone ‘Made For You’ ad is refreshing! Does the girl in the ad reflect your real life […]

She is a beautifier on top her beautiful selfie. Her family and her social group bucked her up […]

Carrying herself with great aplomb she has made a mark in the modelling industry and she will soon […]

The line, Kya main aapko jaanthi hoon? (Do I know you?), with a confused and irritated look of […]

Vicco decides for a brand makeover, give it much younger look, a broader and lovely smile, and TA-DAAH… […]