Modeling started out as a hobby and turned into a profession – Aparna Jachak

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From acting, modeling to Software and trading – Aparna Jachak does it all!

Over a blooming career in the entertainment industry, she has worked for brands to the likes of Airtel, Kalyan Jewelers, Hastakala, and many more. She has done commercial shoots for reputed real estate companies, e-commerce websites, and fashion designers across the country—all while holding on to her job as a Software Engineer! In a candid chat with Indian ad Divas, Aparna recites the story of pursuing her two passions—modeling and IT.

IAD: You are a Software Engineer by profession. How did you dabble into modeling?

Aparna Jachak: Growing up in Indore, I had a very simple childhood. After college, I got a job like everyone else and settled down. I wasn’t expecting any more twists heading towards me. I had never planned on going into modeling. But destiny had its own plans. (Chuckles)

One day, I ran into a photographer friend who was in a frenzy. He had scheduled a shoot, and the model in question didn’t turn up. The props, locations, and makeup artists were all set—the shoot could not be postponed. He looked at me and had a Eureka moment!

He asked if I would be willing to step in. I happily obliged. I gave my 200% to the shoot, thinking I would never get a chance to do something like this again. I was certain this was going to be my first and last photo shoot. I gave my heart and soul to the project. My friend uploaded pictures from that shoot on Facebook.

How did you get projects after that point?

After the pictures from my first shoot were uploaded, a whole new world opened up. I started getting calls from all around. Brands and photographers started approaching me. I did the first few shoots just for fun in my free time.

My two worlds merged when someone from my office approached me for a ramp walk. I did not take modeling seriously for a long time. But modeling took me seriously. So many opportunities just kept coming my way that I could not help but pursue it. Once at the shoot, however, I would always give my 100% to the job, which is why they kept calling me again.

Every time I went for a shoot, it was a different experience altogether. Meeting new people, learning new things, exploring new places – before I knew it, modeling became my passion. I consciously started looking for work because modeling was now something I wanted to do.

Being an absolute novice in the profession, did you face any difficulties?

The plus point I had was that I was blissfully aware of my inexperience. I would compensate for it by doubling up on the homework. I would indulge in substantial research. Before every shoot, I used to spend hours on the internet browsing and looking for references. I would do a lot of background searches on other models in the field and practice different kinds of poses. I would seek guidance from photographers and other professionals around me. I was constantly looking at ways to improve and improvise. This attitude helped me tackle all the difficulties that came along the way.

How did you juggle between the two professions?

On the practical front, I do shoots on the weekends and in the evenings after work. But keeping the logistics aside, the primary reason I have been able to do this is that I put my heart and soul into everything I do – be it work or modeling. I live in the moment and take it one day at a time. Since I have to manage my IT job simultaneously, I am extremely selective about my modeling work. I take up projects only if the team is good, and there is something different to explore. That has, in fact, worked out well for me in the long run. Because I am picky about what I take up, every shoot I have done has been equally exciting and meaningful.

My family is also incredibly supportive. I send pictures of my shoots to my mother, and within the hour, the entire family has seen them! (Chuckles)

The only reason I have been able to manage both my passion and profession is because of such a healthy support system. I am blessed to have positivity all around me.

How has modeling complemented your corporate career?

From modeling, I have learned how to be patient, accommodating, and positive.

Modeling gave me a chance to travel around the country from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, and Hyderabad in the South to Gujarat, Delhi, Bhopal, Indore, and many other cities placed up north. This gave me a sense of independence.

All these qualities have helped me a great deal professionally also. Modeling gave me confidence and presentability – both are valuable qualities in corporate life.

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People tend to think that one can pursue modeling only from Mumbai. You have been doing it from Pune for nine years now. How did you manage it?

Mumbai is indeed the fashion capital of India. A lot of shoots happen in Mumbai. But the fact of the matter is, if you are good at what you do, you will get work no matter what.

My IT job has also supported me a great deal. However, if someone wants to pursue modeling full time, I would advise them to shift to Mumbai—simply because there are abundant opportunities over there.

What would be your advice to others who want to pursue modeling as a passion along with their day job?

Modeling is not as impossible as it seems. I have been doing it for almost a decade now. Time management is key. It is also important to prioritize tasks and focus 100% on the task at hand.

Don’t take anything for granted. Give your hundred percent to all your projects. Had I not shown dedication in my initial shoots, I would have never gotten callbacks. The attitude with which you enter a photo session matters a great deal.

After a lot of hard work and sacrifices, when you get published and see yourself in newspapers and on hoardings, it is a surreal feeling. Modeling requires a lot of effort, but it is absolutely worth it.


Congratulations Aparna on your accomplishements so far. We wish you the best in all your endeavors!

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