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“Life itself is another name of a hard and ongoing struggle” – Maushmi Udeshi

Her charismatic screen presence found a place in people’s hearts. They related to the girl who stood in that balcony, sipping her first cup of coffee for the day in Nescafe. They felt a connection to the girl in a white saree roaming the streets looking for love in Bally Sagoo’s remix of “Noorie”. Maushmi Udeshi’s uniqueness, her talent and that genuine smile warmed hearts. We caught up with this beauty to talk about her career, her mantra for success and her future projects.
What are your memories from the famous Nescafe ad and the Bally Sagoo music video?
Nescafé was my first ad campaign and Noorie was my first music video, and both made me extremely famous as a model instantly. Even today after so many years, people still remember me for my initial work and that’s amazing and unbelievable but true. The kind of impact it left on everyone’s mind is everlasting. I thank God for the overnight success it got me.

maushmi udeshi
Nescafe girl Maushmi Udeshi in an IAD exclusive handshake!

What is the most valuable thing that you carry with you at all times?
Having a positive attitude. I carry that with me all the time. It keeps me going and helps me achieve more.
Other than being a showbiz personality, what’s the one thing according to you that an actor/TV personality/model should possess?
Lots of Patience!
Nescafe Noorie girl Maushmi Udeshi
You need lots of patience to succeed – Maushmi Udeshi.

Briefly, if you had to talk about the hardest struggle for you to get to where you are, what would it be?
Life itself is another name of a hard and ongoing struggle. You have to keep going through it for achieving your dreams. I think you have to go through it to even come close to where you think you deserve to be.
Tell us about your upcoming projects that you are most excited about?
My feature film Parakashtha where I am the solo female lead has been officially selected for the Jaipur International Film Festival (JIFF) this year. It’s the first film festival the film’s going to and I am so glad. The film is directed by well-known scriptwriter Jagmohan Kapoor who made hit Sunny Deol and Sridevi movies such as Nagina, Banjaran, Shankara and Associate Director Prabhakar Jha, a very young and talented director. I am playing a very de-glam Indian performance oriented role of a trained Bharatanatyam dancer (which I am in real life too). I teach little kids Bharatanatyam. I am glad to play a role where I got an opportunity to put my learning to use.
Maushmi Udeshi
Maushmi Udeshi is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer.

There’s another feature film which is 75% finished with a fabulous and unique script. Other than that, I am modelling for a few fashion shows as the show stopper; I am also doing some new print campaigns such as Royal Honey, Pratap Sons Ethnic Indian-Wear Hoarding campaign which is all over Jaipur, Zetalux Lighting Fixtures brand catalogue and their store opening as a celeb guest. I have a few television ads such as Royal Honey, Sunray Solar Water Heater, Moda Luce Lighting Fixtures. My ads on air are Stretchnil, Kamdhenu (Paints, Cement, Steel) and two music videos. I am also about to start working on a few other feature films.
Lissa-Zinia soap
Maushmi Udeshi for Lissa-Zinia soap campaign!

Some videos of Udeshi:
Milcent Home Aata Maker:
Philiray Mobiles TVC:
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Mc Dowell‘s Amber Rum/Cola TV Commercial:
V-Star Churidaar TV Ad:
Kamdhenu TVC:
Neele neele ambar par by Nitin Bali:
Bally Sagoo – Noorie song:
Taste that gets you started out taste that gets you going now – Nescafe:
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