IAD's Top 5 picks of ads featuring kids- Part 1

These commercials with kids playing adult dress up and being witty were not only one of it’s kind but these kids were way wittier than any other adults in commercials we had recently seen. We are talking about the Flipkart ad series. There are a ton of ads out there that involve kids because like it or not, having a baby or a cat in an ad definitely grabs more attention. This is of course besides hot women and skin show. Some of these commercials however that focus on kids are very clever. Below are IAD picks:
Amul Butter: It’s amazing how some of these print ads have become an inspiration to many. What started off as an unassuming, charming and pretty caricature on TV and print took on different kinds of social and political issues portraying the thought process behind the opinion. It was not only refreshing but also gutsy with a touch of humour of course. The Amul girl mascot is a celebrity in her own right. She came into existence as a response to Amul’s rival brand. Since 1967 she has been holding the brand high and mighty. The best being the fact that the Amul girl always takes a stand on issues of importance in India.

One of Amul's many wonderful print ads
One of Amul’s many wonderful print ads

Flipkart: The best thing about these ads was recall value other than the novelty factor and good acting skills on display. It broke the clutter and was attention grabbing. One fo the largest e-commerce companies, Flipkart’s move with the string of ads with the concept of kids-as-adults turned out just perfect for the market. The campaign mainly addressed issues that people face with online-shopping guarenteeing a hassle-free experience with flipkart.
Dhara Oil “Jalebi” Ad: This one is etched in our memory. The kid walking down the station, all disheartened and ready to run away from home when“Ramukaaka” tells him about the jalebis being made at home. It is one of the cutest ads and the child star Parzaan Dastur’s “Jalebi” became hugely popular.
Action School Time Shoes: 90s kids will remember this ad. The curly haired boy with his polished shoes and school time story is timeless. Simple commercial and a good melody to go with the ad. The bell, the PT teacher’s whistle and everything in the ad is nostalgic. It is also has a mischievous energy about it overall.
Airtel: Barriers Break When People Talk- This one is heart-warming. Two boys on the borderlines become friends and start playing football in the space between the two borders. The message is quite simple; communication can break barriers. There’s nothing complicated that a conversation cannot solve. It is kind of profound and the ad is beautifully shot with music by A.R. Rahman.

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