Forest Essentials: Warrior Princess

Being Progressive

The magic you feel when you watch something absolutely stunning, ethereal, immersive, like losing yourself; a feeling that stays with you; stays inside you. It’s a seed sown for more in the same vein, something about to sweep you off your feet the same way. They are measured but strong and completely aligns with the progressive thinking that we are all completely capable of; which is … Continue reading Being Progressive

Fashion For A Cause

Why is it that when we hear stories of courage, beauty, grace, faith and strength, we feel stirred and motivated? There is something inherently warrior-like in the pure act of struggle. The goal-oriented overcoming of hurdles strikes a chord with every human being because each of them is going through a struggle and trying to overcome a hurdle of his or her own. So stories … Continue reading Fashion For A Cause

Tanishq Jewellery

Tearing Down The Walls

Their eyes met across the counter at the pharmacy; the girl stared as the store guy tried different sizes of brown paper bags to cover the pack of sanitary napkins she had just bought. Her thoughts drifted back and forth between her time in America where this was no taboo but India was different. We have made brilliant progress in so many spheres of technology, art, science … Continue reading Tearing Down The Walls

A still from the movie Ram-Leela- truly colourful

The Goddess Month

The moon cycles, astrology, mystery of the unknown and our diverse paths of searching for a higher power has always been truly uniquely Indian. Even in an age of impressive technological progress, the rich spiritual treasure that India has inherited will always run deep. Festivities are a natural high. The faith that holds down so many people is a strong source of infectious positive energy … Continue reading The Goddess Month

"Creep Qawwali" by AIB in collaboration with Truly Madly

“Mere Creep Se Creepy Koi Creep Nahi Hai”

Art is a  highly powerful way to channel, deal, cope with, whatever you may call it when you are faced with real life situations. In shades of comedy, tragedy, drama or a mix, it always finds a place in people’s minds and is often soul cleansing for the creator. All India Bakchod aka AIB and Truly Madly‘s latest ‘Creep Qawwali’ will hit close to home … Continue reading “Mere Creep Se Creepy Koi Creep Nahi Hai”

The Power Within!

These women are a tribe that inspire, motivate, give women all over the globe the courage to stand up for what they are born to do, to listen to their soul’s voice, recognise it and follow through. They maybe known for their outside beauty, red carpets and magazine covers but it takes immense grit and perseverance to achieve what they all did at some point in … Continue reading The Power Within!

Malabar Gold; Image source:

Women In Gold

What is it about gold that makes it immortal? Gives it a Godlike reverence? Makes women bite their tongue in sheer adoration? A gold lover knows how it can light up your face, the medicinal qualities it possesses and the ancient, pious and unbroken ritual of passing it down to the next generation. Our grandmothers who spent their most important occasions and precious moments wearing … Continue reading Women In Gold

TVF Qtiyapa presents Permanent Roommates Sticky post

Permanent Roommates: Of love, live-ins and life

Long-distance relationships, live-relationships, transitional worlds, man-woman equation, love, generational differences, the inter-web, real world problems and more. Tvf’s Permanent Roommates explores all this and more, all topped with some humour. The main characters in Permanent Roommates, played by Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh are no strangers to many of us who live the urban life, meeting people like the characters in the series from time … Continue reading Permanent Roommates: Of love, live-ins and life

Neelu and Mannu: Daily Dillagi; Image source: india-forums

Daily Recharge vs. Daily Dillagi

The snow, the smiles and Neelu & Mannu; it’s a simple story line but still effective. Neelu & Mannu’s love story evolves while Neelu gets a Tata Sky recharge everyday. It’s a great campaign with just the right length dedicated to each of the series. The protagonists Neelu and Mannu played by Himani Sisodiya and Prit Kamani respectively, are a great fit for the characters … Continue reading Daily Recharge vs. Daily Dillagi

Made for each other

We tend to naturally associate some celebrities to some brands. Some models to some endorsements. Some faces to some products. Something clicks between these celebrities and the brands and something ticks when the audience watches it. It catapults both the brands and the faces to a zenith. IAD picks a few faces and brands that became synonymous with each other Preity Zinta & Liril: Do … Continue reading Made for each other

One of Amul's many wonderful print ads

IAD’s Top 5 picks of ads featuring kids- Part 1

These commercials with kids playing adult dress up and being witty were not only one of it’s kind but these kids were way wittier than any other adults in commercials we had recently seen. We are talking about the Flipkart ad series. There are a ton of ads out there that involve kids because like it or not, having a baby or a cat in an ad … Continue reading IAD’s Top 5 picks of ads featuring kids- Part 1

Racial Controversy Spew Over The Ad


Racial Controversy Spew Over The Ad

They have all made news and spun controversies. They have stirred conversations and provoked debates. Yet each one of them has something arresting and something gutsy. We picked the top five most talked about Indian ads.

Madhu-Sapre & Milind Soman For Tuff Footwear:

They were too hot to handle and way ahead of their times. It was sensual and bold; a python wrapped around their bodies sporting the shoes. It was candid and back in 1995 the ad attracted police charges for obscenity while the animal rights activists went ballistic about the use of the python. Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre were a couple back then and this was the hottest topic in the media.
Continue reading “Censored!”

Ankita Shorey

Carrying herself with great aplomb she has made a mark in the modelling industry and she will soon be appearing on the celluloid. She has won the Pantaloons Femina Miss India Pageant in 2011 and thereafter represented India at the Miss International contest. Adding to the crown are the titles of Miss Beautiful Eyes and Miss Beautiful Smile! Meet the charming, bold and gorgeous Ankita Shorey. With a degree in … Continue reading Ankita Shorey