Best Ads 2015 Part II

We continue our journey in part 2 of this segment picking out ads that we adore the most
The women are dusky, the streets are dusty and the energy of the commercial is just perfect. Indian advertising has come a long way from featuring caked fair faces to naturally beautiful skin colour of all types and it works amazingly. It’s an ad you will want to watch over and over again. Yes, the song is legendary, what they are selling is gorgeous and the commercial is picture perfect.
JSW Steel- Will of Steel:
Geeta Phogat’s inspiring goal oriented attitude is what some women need to see and hear to wake up to tend to the creative fire inside them. The narrative that runs through the ad talks about women and their roles in the society while the ad charts Geeta’s success story and her being the first Indian woman to be a gold medalist in women’s wrestling Commonwealth Games in 2010.
This ad breaks so many norms, barriers and pre-conceived notions about what a woman should be. The context of the of the ad being women who cry as a profession and the younger generation being a complete failure at their jobs because they can’t seem to cry. While the leader, the mother is adept at what she does, she is bent on teaching her young women how to do it well. The problem is that Radio Mirchi is making the women so khush, they can’t be Rudalis anymore. The final scene where the mother is dancing to Banno Tera Swagger hits the nail on its head.
Seagram’s Imperial Blue- Men will be men:
This is funny because this happens in every household; men are so predictable sometimes that you second guess yourself and think that they are unpredictable. However, they always do the same thing and follow the same pattern, especially if there are sports involved. This is a great watch
Havells- Wires that don’t catch fire:
The mist, the boat, the girl and the story; the way it’s shot and the way it sells the product  via the ad, everything about it looks so real and heartwarming. It’s an ad for the winters too and an ad that will warm your hearts. It’s an ad for fathers and daughters, an ad about love and an ad about feeling at home. It’s an ad about wires that don’t catch fire. When the girl uses Havells wire to hook up the lunch box above the coal, and leaves, you know the ad has made an impact.

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