*Her – A micro drama starring Regina Cassandra

*Her is the story of thought-provoking conversation that happens between a star actress who has a large fan base (Regina Cassandra) and her ardent admirer (a 4th year B-Tech student).
The talk takes place in Regina’s broke-down car over a cup of green tea. This simple, feel-good micro drama by Chai Bisket sheds light on the lives and feelings of normal girls living behind their stardom. Regina helps us understand what is it that makes the actors want to be in the entertainment industry despite the several odds; something for all of us fans to dwell upon.
*Her is worth 8 minutes of your time for the feel-good vibe it passes on to you. Regina Casandra’s own voice over makes you appreciate the movie a lot more.
Do enjoy it with subtitles.
Congratulations to the entire team of Chai Bisket and Regina Cassandra on the success of *Her!

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