Wild Wild Stone Ad

It was a Monday morning matinee show with family in a nearby movie hall. There was a lot of shuffling about, movie goers getting settled; and for a Monday morning, there was more crowd than you would expect. The general hustle-bustle right before the movie begins that we are so used to.
Then this ad comes on and there’s a minute and thirty seconds of pause in movement and a deep sigh after the ad was over. The general energy in the movie hall changed; like a moment when time stood still and if that’s what the new Wild Stone Ad is trying to convey, they did such an amazing job of it.
Everything from the palace, the shaadi atmosphere, the models, the direction, the music-great packaging overall.  The creative director on the ad is Piyush Pandey and shot by ace director Shoojit Sircar. The male model is Neil Bhoopalam and the female lead is international model Daniella. The song is sung by none other than Ila Arun. The little things in the ad like the shehnai bits, the camera angles and the hard to miss chemistry between the actors feels so real. We bet you are going to watch it a few times over.

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