“I think you must have a very balanced mind. Your mind is where everything starts”- Tulip Joshi

Tulip Joshi in a candid shot; Image source: movie-snap.blogspot.com Tulip Joshi in a candid shot; Image source: movie-snap.blogspot.com

Indian Ad Divas in an exclusive with Tulip Joshi on her life, career and what makes her tick


I am sure you have been asked this question a million times but it’s such a precious piece of work that we have to know from you what your experience was working on Matrubhoomi which was so ahead of its times and so bold. What was it like to be a part of a movie that addressed an issue that is almost never spoken about?

You’re right,  I have been asked this a million times and my answer always remains the same. It simply was an interesting concept and script. When I read the script initially. I froze and refused to do the film. It was so hard-hitting. I had mixed feelings and then eventually, I got convinced about it and the fact that in my first movie I played a glamorous girl, was another reason for the hesitation. This was a total contrast. So it was a challenge for me. I am very proud that I chose to do this film. We forget the good films we have made, especially the ones that have a strong message. The film speaks about female feticide; a message that is so important for our country and many other countries. All my films are very special but I am very grateful for this film.



What is the cumulative feeling you have when you look back at your career, the people you have worked with and you life in general?

When I look back, I just thank God for giving me this wonderful life and fortunately I have had very nice moments in my life. Movies have been such an important part of my life. I did a bit of modelling and enjoyed ad films more than the ramp. I was somehow never nervous. I felt very comfortable in front of the camera. The films I have done are diverse, the people I have worked with are so different and I have met so many people and interacting with people I have realised that as people we grow and as we grow older, I believe that you grow wiser. The same person you have worked with before is different now; the equation changes. It’s been wonderful and I have been blessed; my family has always supported me.

Actor Tulip Joshi; Image source: www.apunkachoice.com
Actor Tulip Joshi; Image source: http://www.apunkachoice.com



What role do you think ‘luck’ plays in a person’s life?

I feel it does play a role. I am a believer of karma and I am a staunch Hindu. I follow karma and I completely believe in a person’s actions. I don’t think destiny and karma can co-exist. I believe in a bit of luck; when you say the term ‘luck’ it means it is something we can’t explain or see and is related to a supernatural power or something unexplained. Luck factor is not limited to films but it applies to everything you do. Like for instance in the film industry, if you are already from Bombay or from the industry which I think is possibly because of karma and good fortune.



What’s the toughest part about being an actor and what is the best thing about what you do?

The toughest part is the best part I think for me in my experience. I feel that when I am reading a script and I have read many scripts; scripts I haven’t worked on or when I read a book or a story, I find myself in it. I feel I am somewhere in the scene and I  find myself in different ways in different pieces. It makes me realise that we are all multi-dimensional.

Tulip Joshi in a candid shot; Image source: movie-snap.blogspot.com
Tulip Joshi in a candid shot; Image source: movie-snap.blogspot.com

What are your passions other than acting?

I love sports and I love doing yoga. I feel like I get into another zone. I love working out and that tops my list. I also like travelling, outdoor activites such as trekking and spending time with family.


Name your beauty secret?

I think you must have a very balanced mind to begin with. Your mind is where everything starts. The second most important beauty secret is a smile.

Tulip Joshi in ramp mode; Image source: www.rediff.com
Tulip Joshi in ramp mode; Image source: http://www.rediff.com

What according to you is the core of a genuine and long-lasting relationship?

It’s a very difficult and an easy questions (laughs) I think it’s how much you want to stay in the relationship. Everything can be worked on.


What is your message to people who love you and wish to see you more often on-screen?

I think life is a gift; so make the most of what you have and make the best of what you have. There should be no comparison because everyone’s path is different. Just make sure you know your path and your journey.



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