The crowning glory

Some people are born with naturally gorgeous hair. We all have friends who we have a hair crush on. Sometimes they are men but most times it’s a woman whose bouncy, soft and perfectly gardened or just simply wild hair we cannot get over.
When we saw Ileana D’Cruz‘s recent instagram hair images, we could not not think about all the beautiful ladies in Indian show business who have been part of hair commercials but also have naturally have amazing hair.

Ileana D'Cruz; Image source Official Ileana D'Cruz Instagram
Ileana D’Cruz; Image source Official Ileana D’Cruz Instagram

This Shilpa Shetty Pantene ad is nothing extra-ordinary but you can tell from just looking at her for 5 seconds that she has naturally beautiful hair.
We can never be sure if the hair ads we see on TV does really work in the real world. But when the product is something like Dabur Amla, it just eases us into thinking about our “naani’s tips” for hair. Healthy hair is always such a winner.
Pure coconut oil for hair; nothing can beat that. Here’s Deepika Padukone in a small clip giving all the ladies some important hair tips.
Kangana Ranaut’s curls got us all when she was launched as an actress. Although in this ad for Bajaj Almond Drops, she wears her hair straight, she’s got such a charm with the beautiful hair for a crown.
An ode to an old TVC; hair commercials were very different back in the day and hair more beautiful

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