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Find out Maanta Dewan’s secrets to staying beautiful and stylish

The vivacious Maanta Dewan gives us her top tips to stay beautiful and stylish   Be You Tiful: Beauty to me is about being comfortable in my own skin. Just being myself! I would spell… Continue reading

Jannat Sorathia puts a spin on what fashion and beauty mean to her

Jannat Sorathia tells us some top secrets to a fashionable closet and a beautiful face   Must Haves: Fashion is all about standing out in crowd. Things all girls must have in their closet: Denims… Continue reading

Parul Gulati On How To Stay Beautiful

Model and actor Parul Gulati gives us a few of her treasured but simple tricks that keeps her glowing Hydrate:  Drink lots and lots of water as it keeps your skin hydrated. Fruitilicious: Eat at… Continue reading

Reshma Qureshi in a new beauty tips campaign against acid sale

Beauty is not always just physical. If you focus just on the physical aspect of a person’s appearance only, you’d probably get bored pretty soon. More often than not,  a person that captivates… Continue reading