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"Sometimes reality is much more interesting which is what Angry Indian Goddesses is all about"- Pavleen Gujral

Her latest work in the movie Angry Indian Goddesses has been highly applauded. Her past work as a VJ, anchor and actor earned her earnest fan following. While her work speaks volumes, her one on one with IAD taps into the person Pavleen Gujral is
Between acting and anchoring what do you prefer more?
I wanted to go to NSD for college but due to some circumstances ended up getting an honours degree in computer science from Delhi University and then doing a LLB from the same place. So acting and theatre has always been my first love, it’s just surfacing now. Anchoring is something which I thoroughly enjoy doing. I love the energy on stage while anchoring which is very similar to the high I get in theatre.
The best place you visited as a VJ on Travel Trendz?
I loved the bylanes of Udaipur , which was not as commercial as Jaipur, but more culturally enriching. This small city has so much heritage and ancient preserved work of art in every nook and corner.
What was it like playing Pammi in AIG? Any instances you remember from the shoot or while reading the script that moved you deeply?
It was a revelation playing Pammi in AIG, as all of us have a Pammi in our lives but we forget that such women although may seem very superficial and shallow at first, engulf so much within them. Maybe they have not been given the opportunity or the chance to make their life their own. Even while filming, I took so much inspiration from the people I know in my own life. In fact Pammi’s funny lines are actually comments I have heard in real life which is what makes them so funny. Sometimes reality is much more interesting which is what Angry Indian Goddesses is all about.

Pavleen Gujral
Pavleen Gujral


What was your rapport with the girls from AIG on and off sets?
It was a riot working with the whole cast of AIG. We were inseparable on and off camera. There would be a continuous friendly banter which at times got a little difficult for the director to control. It was like a vacation with my girls.

What are some of the key points that a ramp model must possess?
A ramp model needs to be very confident, smart, intuitive and not be bothered by competition.
Which city are you from?
I am a Delhi girl, born and brought up here.

Ramp, commercials, VJing, now acting. What’s next for you?
I will continue doing what I enjoy, which is all of the above and more. I am also a certified nutritionist, so that is also one thing I do on the side.
Pavleen Gujral
Pavleen Gujral


A photo shoot you enjoyed the most?
I love working with AJ Raina. He is an artist. his pictures are like paintings and he knows his craft. It is always a pleasure working with him and the best part is looking at the finished product.
A day in your life? Or family life?
A day in my life is all about being home with family or catching up with friends, the are the days I am not working. The day I am working is a long day with not a minute to spare.
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