Going Home

Zomato-mother-ad Zomato-mother-ad

“Going home” may have different connotations to different people. Travellers go home after their sojourn and the familiar wind in their faces makes them feel at home, nomads feel the familiar wind wherever they go, every place is home for them.  We won’t be completely off the mark when we say for Indians, coming home means “Maa ke haath ka khana”. It’s an all-encompassing comfort feeling that nothing else can really replace.

Zomato plays on this sentiment so well with their new “Spend more time with Mom” ad campaign. The son comes home to warm lights and a warm mother who is happy that he surprises her with his un-notified visit but instantly thinks of what she can make him to eat. A typical Indian home situation.

When the food arrives via Zomato, the mother’s concern of “baahar ka khana” is put to rest with a filmy dialogue from her son that doesn’t feel over the top at all. Setting new trends and newer meanings to “going home”, this campaign is worth checking out.