The Vision To Really See

What we see and hear can sometimes can have a profound effect on us. A lot of times, this is at a subconscious level; our senses are powerful and pick up on things that then reflects in what we think, speak and how we act. We as humans have the capacity to express love in ways that no other being on this planet can because of our evolution. When our gift is so precious, it is only fair we protect and respect the body-mind-soul elements.
Ads with social causes are always good to reach people and make it interesting enough to stand out and catch attention. This breast cancer ad does just that. The birthday gift is a visit to the clinic. Might not sound all that exciting and something to do on your birthday but it’s the best gift a woman can receive in today’s age and time when health for overall humanity is of concern. The husband adorably and very sensitively, full of love breaks the news of a clinic visit for his wife after surprising her with a cake.
An ad definitely worth spending your seconds on:

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