How your brand can benefit from advertising in digital magazines

As business owners, many of you would have dreamt of your brand’s logo appearing in a glossy, national lifestyle magazine.

Getting your work featured in reputed publications alongside celebrity models, influencers, and luxury brands can make a significant impact if your product has merit.

However, small brands tend to have certain apprehensions while opting for magazine advertisements. Have you been avoiding magazine promotions due to the following misconceptions?

Your brand is too niche for a magazine advertisement

Only big brands appear in magazines

It is too expensive!

Have you been losing business to your competition despite having better quality products or services?

We have good news for you! Your next magazine ad might just be the key to unlock the pathway to your ideal audience.

Here is a simple fact. Newspaper and magazine ads work. It’s precisely why tons of print commercials run successfully every day. And no, it doesn’t cost you a fortune!

As a local jeweler, a fashion boutique, or a unique gift store owner, you need not compete with the big brands. You can find your ideal customers by placing ads in the right publication—just like a luxury brand!

Why magazines?

Magazines are fun.

We bet you must have picked up some magazine to kill time—waiting for your turn at a dentist’s clinic or a salon, traveling in a train, on a plane, checking in at a hotel, or taking a break from work in your office’s lobby.

Maybe you don’t have an active subscription, but you have read at least one copy of a reputed magazine, say, Reader’s Digest, Woman’s Era, Grihshobha, or India Today.

Why magazine ads are right for your business

You are a small, niche fashion boutique owner who carries specialty products, jewelry, accessories, and other hobby items, for a specific set of customers in your city.

While you sell locally, you know that your designs have a global appeal. A magazine ad brings your talent or product in front of potential customers and educates them about your existence.

You would not believe how far your customers, such as hobbyists, would go to get their hands on your product.

Can you get featured in a magazine without spending a bomb?

Well, the good thing is, you need not spend lakhs of rupees on advertising in a national magazine. You can start marketing in a digital publication with minimal investment.

The answer to your conundrum lies in two simple words – Digital Magazines!

A good thing about digital magazines is, your published ads will continue to attract potential customers, closely associated with your niche market, whenever they read the particular issue.

Why place your ad in a digital magazine

Magazines have an indomitable authority and are referred by the experts in the field

Credible, factual, and high-quality content, always

Communicate your vision for your brand clearly

Free PR and instant boost to the brand image

Repeat exposure, brand recall, and visibility as magazines have a longer shelf life

More control over the ad placement and messaging

Wide audience range and focused readership as consumers value advertorials s as much as editorials

Gauge interest of your target audience through A/B testing, which is not possible through physical newspaper ads or hoardings

Measure your value gained per cost

Increase online traffic from SEO, social media searches, and website visits

Imprint your niche brand logo in readers’ minds

Improve ‘virality’ with easy-to-share and distribute digital copies

Save money on marketing


Pitfalls of burning all your money on digital advertisements

When was the last time you were happy because Google creepily showed you a product when you searched for something on the Internet?

Can’t recall?

We thought so. Although Google AdSense and Facebook Ads are worth the hype, nothing can beat the engagement of an old-fashioned magazine advertising.

People consume magazines in their leisure. They give their undivided attention to the content, at least momentarily. As they enjoy the activity, the chances of remembering your brand, that appears alongside the topics of their general interest, increases multifold. The brand recall and return on investment are also much higher when compared to Google ads.

Magazine ads are four times more effective than advertisements of any other visual medium—the highest return on the ad spend. – Study

Your product or service need not be directly related to the contents of a magazine, as long as the publication has a substantial number of active subscribers, your ads will be noticed. It is, therefore, advisable to allocate your ad budget for magazine ads and have the right media mix.

Now that you are convinced of the benefits of advertising in a Digital Magazine, we know just the place you can start from…

This is where we come in.

Who are we?

We are the Indian Ad Divas (IAD) Magazine!

We started out in 2011 as a niche website. IAD is the only publication focused on giving voice to the faces behind advertisements. The digital magazine has been live for nearly a decade, catering to the diverse needs of both readers and advertisers.

Over the years, we have gained a persuasive online authority and created a unique niche. As a monthly magazine, we provide insights into the lives of talents and behind-the-scenes artists associated with the advertising profession. You can read more about us at

Our portal gets more than 30,000 unique visitors per month. We have more than 1000s of subscribers, and has a cult following across social media channels, the most popular one being Instagram with 10K followers.

We have followers all over the subcontinent, with the concentration of demographics being the metropolitan cities, where you have the highest chance to find your next ideal customer.

Our magazine garners admiration from global audiences for its unique concept and content.

Who should advertise in our online magazine?

We have carried advertorials and editorials of a diverse range of brands covering different categories — fashion boutiques, jewelry stores, automotive brands, matrimonial websites, digital entertainment platforms, makeup brands, startups, designers, resellers, artists, and so on. Here are a few:

Our web traffic breakup across the country:

Regions Web Impressions
Mumbai 10500
Bengaluru 10200
Pune 10010
Hyderabad 10990
Chennai 10075
Delhi 19005
Others 12227

Frequently asked questions:

We have never advertised in a digital magazine or online. Will advertising on IAD benefit for my boutique brand?

Yes! Your company will benefit from visibility as our portal is consumed by readers across the country. If you are a small company looking to attract customers from within and outside your city, this is a great platform.

What are the means of advertising on IAD?

There are plenty of ways you could advertise with us. You could sponsor our next celebrity interview, talent showcase, our high-visibility advertorials, and banner ads.

How will IAD help our brand grow?

Apart from an advertorial or a banner ad on the homepage of our website, your company will benefit from the shout out on our Instagram and Facebook pages, which have more than 15K+ followers. We will also teach you how to grow your brand visibility on social media. We further offer blogging and website content writing support.

What if we do not get any leads from advertising on your website?

We believe, marketing is all about experimenting on what works best for your company. Regardless of how, any marketing effort you make ALWAYS pays back, sooner or later. We have great relationship with brands that have advertised on our portal and we vouch for their quality of products, even if they had worked with us only once.

Your ideal customer is just an advertisement away. Give us a call and kick-start an exciting phase for your business.  You can fill in the form below to get our media kit and information on rates and deadlines.

First comers must always be rewarded! With this mantra in mind, we are giving a special discount to the first five advertisers who promote on our website or sponsor a celebrity interview in June 2020.

The offer ends on May 30, 2020.

What are you waiting for?

Find your next ideal customer by Getting Featured on the IAD Magazine.

Please fill out the form and we will contact you in the next 48 hours.

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