A)  An article on the latest Television commercial from Mumbai Boss.
Ad man’s reply: http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/business/she-is-not-a-moron-she-is-young
B) Women Power –> http://www.afaqs.com/news/story/31659_Nirma-harps-on-women-power
The roles of Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma divas in above ad are played by the divas – Anjala Zaveri, Shilpa Anand, Shweta Salve and Sonal Sehgal.
C) Find any difference?: Let’s diversify and celebrate something different?
Here are some good music videos I wish to share. Hope you’ll love them. Enjoy.
Both are sung by two pretty gals. Both are good and all the four voices are fascinating. A R Rehman was the original composer of both the songs. The only major difference in the videos being the “Munbe Va” has been sung by Iyyer Sisters (from India) and “Say my name/Oh Humdum” was by Suhana and Mehak (Cheapmunks from Pakistan). Find any difference in religion?
D) Ugly Models: Here is some unusual piece I thought would be interesting to share.
E) Showstoppers:
Find out why supermodels are so scarce in the country and the influence that Bollywood stars have on the fashion industry. Read an interesting article “The death of the supermodel” by Shikha Kumar.
F) Brand equity of soap actresses:
G) Hail another controversial ad:
H) 1 May 2103: A spat between broadcasters and ad agencies over billing resulted in stoppage of ads being aired on several National TV channels for about 2 days. Sigh! No divas. On a serious note, the channels lost almost INR 20 crore a day! :-(
I) An article on the other side of the glamorous IPL by Sharda Ugra (The Hindu). Not to mention Sreesanth’s spot-fixing. (As the business of cricket has gone on, its male messengers have offered sustained doses of titillation — double entendres, bump-n-grind routines from the studio dancers, salacious shots of the cheer leaders — all masked as “entertainment”.)
J) People are keenly watching, brands!
K) Cause or a Campaign, Angie? :-/
L) Skin Problem?
M) Priyanka’s Twitter spree:
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