New Commercial

"Ek glass mein char barf aur Coca-Cola"

Some of us will remember our mothers, aunts and other female family relatives talking about how their girls need to be taught how to cook and clean. These talks passed down from generations where the elder women in the family sat chit-chatting about their girl kids who needed to be prepared for their future family life; it is a part of our cultural lineage.
Things however changed over the years and women now cook, clean and earn a living. So do many men. It’s a global society where gender equality is a must and is taken very seriously.
The expression on Alia Bhatt‘s face when she starts giggling with happiness hearing her mother-in-law ask for a glass of Coca-Cola is priceless. Alia clearly seems a bit overwhelmed with the demands for juice and lime soda from  family members looking slightly guilty and thinking of what to do since she isn’t really the kinds who shares the passion to indulge in obsessing about food and her in-laws.
She gleefully rushes to make the drink her mother-in-law asked for first because it’s simple and the process very deliciously captured shows how Alia just enjoys simply pouring a glass of Coke. She is a natural and the ad is super engaging.

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