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I learnt sign language for the role of Deepika – Cairvee Thakkar

A Mumbai girl who started working from the age of 16, Cairvee Thakkar is a truly self-made actor. She has played vital roles in South Indian films Malli Malli Chusa (Telugu), Munthiri Monchan (Malayalam), TV Series (such as CID), and has modeled for a ton of popular brands. In a forthcoming chat with Indian Ad Divas, Cairvee talks about building a thriving career in the entertainment industry.
IAD: We would like to know a little about your background. Where did you grow up?
Cairvee Thakkar: I am a quintessential Mumbai girl. I was born and raised in Mumbai and have been living here for 23 years now! I am the daughter of a single mother. I started working at an early age. At 16, I opened up my own cyber café. I ran it successfully for three years.
At 19, I became an air hostess in Jet Airways. At the time, my mother was working as a casting director. She came across a cameo role that had my name written all over it. At her insistence, I went for the audition. Three months down the line, I had completed my training period for Jet Airways. I was officially set to join as an air hostess. Right then, I received a call. I was selected for a guest appearance on CID. I had grown up watching the iconic show. I simply could not give up on the opportunity. That was my first ever foray into acting.
IAD: When did you decide to make a career shift?
Cairvee Thakkar: I had never given serious thought to acting. Once on the set for CID, something changed. People started noticing me. I was praised for my acting by Shivaji Satam Sir, who played the role of ACP Pradyuman in the show.
When the episode of CID aired on television, my friends, family, and neighbors – everyone saw it. They were over the moon. After receiving such phenomenal feedback, I started believing in myself. A seed of doubt had been planted. I started wondering if acting was a better fit for me.
I gradually started doing cameos in Television soaps like Udaan. Initially, I took up projects that I could work on alongside my job.  When the opportunities took up the stream, I realized that I had to make a choice. I finally decided to pursue acting full time.
IAD: How did your stint as an air hostess help in your acting career?
Cairvee Thakkar: I used to be an extremely shy person. I would never initiate a conversation or even look people in the eye. When I was training to become an air hostess, I overcame my shyness. I learned to talk to new people, maintain a friendly demeanor, and extend formalities. I gained a degree of confidence. This helped a great deal as an actor. If I weren’t an actor, I would definitely be an air hostess.
IAD: What were some of your first major projects?
Cairvee Thakkar: I had not learnt about acting professionally. I adapted to it by taking notes during auditions and watching performances of renowned artists. Step by step, my craft improved. I started giving 4-5 auditions a day. As a result of the hard work, I got a call for a parallel lead. It was for a TV show called Siddhi Vinayak on &TV. The show went on the air for two years.
I also got an opportunity to work in a music video for Fukrey Returns. I played the role of Pulkit Samrat’s girlfriend.
IAD: How was the experience of working on your first film, Malli Malli Chusa? How different was it working in the South?
Cairvee Thakkar: Initially, I was a bit hesitant about working in a Telugu film. However, once I saw the script, I was sold. When the offer was finalized, I embarked on a Telugu Movie marathon. This helped me a great deal in acclimatizing to the language. The south industry is very different from Bollywood. There was a great deal of punctuality. We completed the movie in one schedule itself. All scenes were in under a month. Everyone was timely and professional. It was an amazing experience.
IAD: Which role has been the closest to your heart so far?
Cairvee Thakkar: I was offered the role of a mute character in the Malayalam film Munthiri Monchan: Oru Thavala Paranja Kadha. I played a sweet and innocent girl by the name of Deepika. When the producers saw my pictures, they knew right away that the role was meant for me. They made the decision based on my smile. I did not even have to give an audition. I learnt sign language for the role. I learnt to act with my face and expressions. While playing Deepika, I realized that acting happens first through the eyes. The character gave me an opportunity to live a life different from mine.
IAD: Who has been the biggest pillar of support to you?
Cairvee Thakkar: Whatever I am today is because of my mother. Since the time I was born, we have been a team. Our circumstances were such that I had to be a fighter. I grew up watching my mother working hard to run the household. This gave me a sense of maturity and understanding. From the age of 16, I took up responsibilities that other girls don’t have to worry about till their mid-20s. My mother has been a guiding light throughout my life. Whatever she tells me, I follow it blindly.

Indian Ad Divas Rapid Fire Round

How will you describe yourself in one word?


Comfort food for you is?

Vada Pav from the streets of Mumbai.

Who is your biggest role model in the industry?

I have learnt a lot from my own struggle. Which is why I would say, I am my biggest role model.
IAD: If you could change one thing about the industry, what would it be?
Cairvee Thakkar: I would want people to be more transparent and direct in their communication.
IAD: What is the best piece of advice you have received?
Cairvee Thakkar: The woman who taught me to become self-made – my mother gave me the most meaningful piece of advice:
“You are your biggest mentor!”
IAD: What is your ultimate dream as an actor?
Cairvee Thakkar: Every actor has a dream to hold a black lady in their hand. That is the ultimate goal for me. However, I am sure that once I achieve it, there will be more dreams waiting in the line. (Laughs)
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– By Prachi Shevgaonkar
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