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"Oh, how I wish I be the face of Loreal :-)" – Ridhima Pandit

She is a beautifier on top her beautiful selfie. Her family and her social group bucked her up till she filled most of the gaps for so many products on television and print advertising. Brands are now overflowing with joy, thanking the gusto of her personality while promoting them.
Ridhima Pandit is ahead of the game “Endorsements”… And yep she is enviable! Any Bollywood baby doll with a remote in hand may raise an eyebrow (or two)! 😉
I (I is IAD) promise you will love to watch her ads rerun on TV. I took her aside for a little heart-to-heart. Here we go!
You describe yourself as a person born to act on Twitter, on the path of becoming somebody. How far are you from being that somebody?
I believe that every human being goes through three stages in life: Nobody-One who wants to be-and Somebody. I still have miles to go for the goals I have set for myself, but I know I am on my way!
What do you think your friends and family members would say about you?
I know they’d very proud of me irrespective of what I do for a living. The happiness I see on my father’s face every time someone says, “I spotted Ridhima in this ad!” means the world to me.
What interested you towards modelling/ acting? How tough was it getting through your first successful audition?
Well, I had to try very hard. I used to go for several auditions just to return home heartbroken. As a Celebrity Manager at Exceed Entertainment I had the coolest bosses (Mr. Uday Singh Gauri and Mr. Tushar Chavan). All my colleagues were super supportive, especially Emilliano Pinto who had foreseen me as an actor while I was just another normal employee. Unfortunately, he is no more with us but I’ll remember him in all my successes.
It was just another Monday when I got a call from Suresh Natrajan’s Studio, Mahim, Mumbai, asking me to drop by for an audition. I was reluctant but my bosses encouraged me to go, and to my surprise, I got selected… My first ad ever was for Dove. And I was in every magazine, on huge hoardings… and sure became a pseudo celebrity in my office. (laughs)

ridhima pandit beautiful model india
Ridhima Pandit speaks her heart in an IAD exclusive!

Brands you have worked for?
Memorable brands would be Dove, Fair and Lovely, Asian Paints with Mr. Rahul Dravid and Veet with Katrina Kaif. I had recently shot for Luminous Fans with the great Mr. Sachin Tendulkar.
Tell us about competition in the industry.
What can I say about competition here… it is just extreme… “Talent killing talent”. But then it exists everywhere. You just have to keep striving to make it big.
Something about your family?
I come from a very modest, disciplined, yet a very cosmopolitan background. My mother is a Gujarati and Dad’s a Maharashtrian. My Mom is a great positive influence on us… you can call it a matriarch family. My elder sister is the 1st person I run to for any advice… Being the youngest, I am the most pampered one in the family.
ridhima pandit
Miss Pandit has acted in My Amazing Trip to India.

My Amazing Trip to India’ is the first ever Chinese film made on India. How did you land the role and the experience of working in an Indochinese project?
When I got an audition call for this film, I was super excited! I never heard back though, and it was obvious that the role had gone to some other actress. Three or four months later, I was told that I was selected. Well, what can I say? Getting to be a part of an international project… That was a moment of ecstasy!!
Indian and Chinese cultures are very similar. Chinese are really warm people and believe in treating their guests very well, and it’s the same here “Atithi Devo Bhavo”. I learnt so many things while shooting for this film; it was almost like going to school every day. We shot in some real extreme weather conditions and there were situations when an unruly mob tried to halt the shoot. But all in all one of the best experiences of my life!
What are the roles that would justify you as an actor?
This is a dream question! (laughs) A few roles I love to play are: Priyanka Chopra in Fashion, Kangna Ranaut in Queen, Kajol Devgan in Dushman, and from the West Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich, Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games, and Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality… some for the mush factor and some for the sheer grit that a woman possesses. Action oriented movies most definitely interest me.
ridhima pandit axis bank
That perfect smile for Axis Bank.

How tough is life in limelight? Cons behind the glitter?
Life is definitely tough when you are in the limelight. First, there is no substitute for an actor who has signed on a project. No matter whether you are sick or shooting in harsh weather, you have to look and do your best. There is a constant feeling of insecurity.
When I went for Veet TVC audition, I saw names of some really gorgeous Indian and Brazilian models on the cue sheet. I almost didn’t do the audition because I thought I wouldn’t stand a chance! But then God had other plans. Time away from home is the biggest challenge for me as I am extremely attached to my family.
List your favorite commercials… the ones you have worked in as well as other brands?
My most favorite commercial which I was a part of was for Asian Paints with Rahul Dravid. My parents were over the moon after watching it. The director of this ad film, Mr. Deb Medhekar is a really cool man… absolutely a gem to work with! I have also done many super cool TVCs down South too.
My favorite commercials otherwise are definitely few from my childhood… Cadbury Dairy Milk with the girl dancing in the stadium, Dhara Oil ad where the kid [Parzan Dastur] goes “Jalebeeeee??”, and the Flipkart ads where the kids speak and are dressed like older middle aged people… Directed by Ayappan Sir they were very creative and hilarious.
ridhima pandit haier
A beautiful presenter for Haier

Your video mimicking Dimpy Mahajan from Bigg Boss 8 and Daya from Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma went viral on social media. What’s your take on reality shows? Tele serials?
My dad, sister and I are very good at mimicking people… I was just goofing around when my sister recorded the video and uploaded it on FB. I can imitate almost anyone if I have enough time to observe that person’s mannerisms. Reality shows, especially like big boss are purely made for voyeuristic pleasure, to please the human psyche. I enjoy it as a viewer but haven’t thought of participating in any of them. TV is an avenue I am still to explore. I have a lot of exciting offers though!
What’s the craziest/ weirdest thing you have done in your life?
Craziest thing would be beating up a guy who would trouble me in school. God I wish I get to meet that poor guy again… I would apologize! haha
ridhima pandit no make up
Posing without a makeup!

Who’s your inspiration/ guru?
My Gurus would be Mrs. Nadira Babbar ji and Mr. Neeraj Kabi. They are an institution in themselves. I have had the opportunity to do theatre for two years with Nadiraji’s Ekjute.
If you were to replace a leading actress for a brand today, who would it be?
Oh, how I wish I be the face of Loreal! ☺
If you were to describe yourself with a hashtag?
It would be #deserving
Is there a photographer (or director) you most admire, and someone you would get nervous working with?
Oh yes! There are so many… it’s like my dream to be able to work with Mr. R Balki and Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I really like Munna and Ajay Singh’s style. Rohan Shrestha is just so good at his age. My current pictures are shot by Pavitr Saith. Rohan and Munna are on my wish list.
I remember being extremely nervous when Mr. Anurag Basu was directing me in Fair & Lovely (FAL) ad. It was only my 3rd ad and I was petrified. Trying hard to impress a director is the worst thing you can do… as they can see through you.
How do you keep up during tough times/ less work?
Well, I am a very impulsive and low on patience, which doesn’t work for me at all. Luckily I have very positive and encouraging people around who keep reminding me this is not the end of the world, and God has been kind.
sunsilk tvc
Ridhima for Sunsilk

Your take on fashion?
Well, I don’t experiment much on my own. I am a very Kurti and Jeans kind of a person… so as cliché as it may sound, fashion to me is all about comfort.
Expectations from a man whom you would like to introduce to your family?
My expectation list is never ending. (Lol) But to sum it up, I look for someone who is compassionate, caring, respects elders and is mature enough to handle me at my worst and most importantly he should know that together we can conquer it all! 😉
Showreel for ad lovers:
Veet with Katrina Kaif:
Asian Paints with Rahul Dravid:
Set Wet Gel with Aditya Roy Kapoor:
Sony MAX: Pepsi IPL 2015 – India ka Tyohaar:
Dove Whitening Deodorant:
Bajaj Bikes Zing Zong:
Life me Rasna #Milaofy:
Fair and Lovely TVC:
Pothy’s Botique Tamil ad:
Milky Mist Paneer commercial:
[youtube= ]
Malabar Gold And Diamonds Telugu TVC with Jr. NTR:
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