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"A good actor would mold himself/ herself into any character; carry any look; and do any given role" – Sunayana Fozdar

Somewhere some Sunayana became something special by romancing the glamor world with the feathers of her beauty. Perhaps, this is a possible discussion of men on Mars. (Sometimes our exaggeration comes out of love. 😉 ) ❤
Sunayana Fozdar fondly called by her friends as ‘Su’ crowded out as a kid diva in her cute sevens. Appearing prettier than yesterday seems to be her consistent plus while the magazines with her cover page are stacking high!
She is a straightaway sync into any role and portray any character, be it a beautiful Pears mom, a loving Kreeli wife, or an enthusiastic mint-o GOL‘s girly girl.
IAD had a saucy chat with the sassy girl who looks a princess with the perm!

sunayana tv actress pears, chevrolet
Sunayana for Pears soap: asmaan ka tukda print ad!

Where does your story begin?
Originally I am from Pune. I was pretty young when my family shifted to Mumbai. So I call myself a Mumbaikar in every sense. I have my Bachelor’s in Commerce with Advertising as a vocational subject.
I was a very naughty child and was always creatively inclined, be it participating in performing arts or debate competitions at school. I first faced the camera when I was 7. It was for a commercial for Ariel Detergent, shot by Mr. Kundan Shah.
I was so clueless then… Modelling was only about getting pampered and missing Math tuitions, the one subject I always feared! 😉 So my first TV ad would be for Chevrolet car, I did right after my schooling. It was directed by Mr. Ravi Udyawar, which went on to become very popular then. I was paid Rs. 5000, I truly valued it!
What are the brands you have worked with and your most memorable TVCs?
I have been fortunate to have done commercials for Dettol, Chevrolet Car, Hero Honda, Pears Soap, Samsung, Sunsilk, Olay, TVS Scooty, Nokia, Fiat Car, Quaker Oats, Swad Masala, MTNL, many promos and several regional advertisements. I would say doing Pears Soap and Sunsilk ads were the most challenging because shooting with a child in extreme climatic conditions is not easy! And Sunsilk, because it was a one-take shot and I had to perform the script within the stipulated time (20 seconds sharp). These are my favorite ones too!
Watch Pears Asmaan Ka Tukda commercial:
Talk to us about your career in television? Shows you have enjoyed the most working in?
I have done television shows for various channels: Star Plus, Zee TV, Channel V, and Sony to name a few. I enjoyed working the most in my debut show ‘Santaan‘ for Star Plus. Not only did I learn a lot during the shoot but I also have some unforgettable memories. I totally enjoyed working with some really nice co-actors and directors with whom I am still in touch.
Describe about the everyday challenges of a TV actor/ commercial ad model? How do you prepare yourself before facing the camera?
As an actor, it’s important that I know my character well and react or emote accordingly. The irony is there is always a part of me in every character that I play; a fine line between the characters I portray and what I actually am. Mostly I do the sketch of the character way ahead in mind; the background and persona of the character I am going to present to the audience. Apart from that I don’t over prepare because most of the times there are a lot of improvisations and suggestions on the set. So it is better to be open to those.
The biggest challenge for an actor is that it’s very easy to be typecast if you perform well in a certain role. A good actor would mold himself/ herself into any character; carry any look; and do any given role. I’ve played different characters: a poor chawl girl, a rich spoilt brat, a battered housewife, among others. So, at times, just like I have had, every actor faces these challenges of being typecast in a specific character.
But commercials usually do not require so much homework because directors, clients and the agency are very specific about what they want to the project.
sunayana fozdar wallpaper
Sunayana Fozdar chats with Indian Ad Divas! 😉

What do you think is the most fascinating aspect of a television actress?
It is a fact that television has a larger reach amongst the audiences. As an actor, I get to play different people! It’s exciting to know how viewers connect with your character on a regular basis. The boost also comes from the love that elders, teenagers, as well as kids relate to all my characters on television. Of course, there are pros and cons in all jobs… But honestly, I love being in front of the camera. I am not sure if I know anything else I can do! 🙂
What is your unique selling proposition as an artist in the competitive entertainment industry?
Considering how competitive this business is, you have to be versatile as an actor. I believe versatility is my USP.
How do your parents/ friends react upon seeing you on TV?
My mom is my biggest critic of my work. She will always try and watch all my shows and ads. She usually doesn’t say but I can see she can’t contain her excitement every time she sees me on TV! My close friends are mostly from school. So they are somehow little biased and admire all my work. I am lucky to have few, but great, fun loving friends! 🙂
sunayana fozdar sunsilk ad
Sunayana Fozdar is a Mumbai based model working in commercials and tele serials.

What is your dream role as an actress? Brands you wish to model for? People you wish to work with?
There is not one single dream role that I crave to do. I am a huge fan of Leonardo di Caprio, Robert Downey Junior, Meryl Streep, Rani Mukherjee, Vidya Balan because of their choice of roles. In directors I had the opportunity of shooting for an ad with Imtiaz Ali. I would love to work with him again… 🙂 And working with Shahrukh Khan has been a long cherished dream! 😉
Any tips for maintaining a healthy skin?
They say happy girls are the prettiest… I truly believe in it. Being positive, being happy is not just a state of mind; it does a lot of good to your skin and body. I sleep on time; keep my skin makeup free whenever possible; have small regular meals; and I love to dance (Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk), which keep me active and going!!
Who do you think clicked your best portrait so far?
Munna Singh is a very well-known photographer and a dear friend. I think he has shot my best pictures so far. He even gifted me a portrait he shot… It’s very special!
Sunayana Fozdar Munna Singh
Sunayana Fozdar portrait by Munna Singh!

What was your ambition when you intended to become a successful model/ actress? Have you achieved it? Any plans to hit the silver screen?
I was never very ambitious, but acting/ performing at a very young age I realized that it was what I wanted to pursue in my life. I still have a long way to go… I don’t think am ever going to say that I have achieved what I set out to. I would always be as nervous and as excited as I was when I had my first photo shoot.
The medium doesn’t matter whether it is films or television, so personally I am not stressing for films. All I am trying for is it to get the roles that excite and challenge me as an actor.
Would you like to give any suggestions to aspiring models? Talk to your fans…
A lot of people outside the industry are truly blessed with talent. There is still a huge untapped potential. With the pressures and rising competitions it’s not going to be easy or glamorous to succeed. Do not lose confidence and hope, ever, no matter how many failures you come across. It may take time but nothing can stop you from reaching your goal!
For my fans I want to give you the biggest hug… Thank you for accepting me, loving me. You guys are my biggest motivation to work hard. Lots of love! *air kisses*
Glamour and advertising!
Glamour and advertising!

Ads time!
Sunsilk DATE commercial:
Dettol Kitchen Gel Lunchbox ad:
AMUL PRO new 2014 commercial – Bachpan Bachaao:
Mint-o GOL Mall ad:
Parle Biscuits – Parle Marie HIFI Circle:
[youtube=] – Best Gift Ever:
Pyaar Ka The End promo for Bindass:
[vimeo 100879450 w=615&h=300]
Centre for Sight LASIK TVC:
Last, but not the least:
TBZ – Happily Married Men official music video commercial:
IAD wishes all success to Sunayana Fozdar. Never miss her another ad, follow Sunayana on Facebook! 🙂

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