Top YouTube Advertisements of 2019

We begin the New Year looking back at some exciting milestones in the world of Advertising. Google India recently revealed an annual YouTube Ads Leaderboard, listing out some beloved commercials produced through the year. Let us reminisce on the advertisements that ruled the internet in 2019, by garnering highest grossing shares and views on the popular video sharing platform – YouTube.

10. Vivo India – It’s My Style

Featuring the bubbly and ever so popular Sara Ali Khan, the Vivo commercial rocked YouTube by garnering over 58 Million views. The advert shows Sara being reunited with her lover with the magical allure of Vivo S1.

9. Horlicks India – Bottle of Love

Horlicks India made the country emotional with an advertisement based on a real problem troubling students all over the country. Horlicks decided to give a platform to the woes of aspiring engineering students studying in Kota, away from their parents. A thoughtful gesture, in the end, made the ad even more heart-warming.

8. OnePlus India – 90 Hz Smooth Moves 

OnePlus roped in none other than the legendary Robert Downey Jr. to do its bidding to promote a new model. The ad shows him having the time of his life, with OnePlus as his companion.

7. Aditya Birla Group – Big in Your Life

As the name suggests, the Aditya Birla Group released a larger than life ad to promote a range of different brands under their portfolio. The ad saved a spot on the Billboard with a whopping 62 Million views on YouTube.

6. Google India

When it comes to advertisements rooted in real-life themes, no other brand can match Google India. The company added another laurel to their list of brilliant ads by coming up with this commercial for Google Assistant.

5. Oppo India

Oppo released its new F11 Pro model with a bang! The ad showcasing features, specs, and overview of the product garnered 96 Million views on YouTube.

4. Xiaomi India – Led TV Sabki Sunega

Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai fans have a reason to rejoice! Xiaomi India reunited the popular Jodi Sumeet Raghwan and Rupali Ganguly in a humorous ad promotion of its Mi Smart LED TVs. The ad crossed the 100-Million threshold with a staggering 133 Million views.

3. Pepsi – Har Ghoont Main Swag

Pepsi just turned up their level of swag by bringing together a power team of Disha Patani, Tiger Shroff, and Badshah in this supercool advertisement.

2. Samsung India – Good Vibes App

Samsung India showcased the power of a real moment in the often-times, plastic world of advertising. Displaying a communication app for the deafblind, this advertisement crossed all barrios with 205 Million views!

1. Kia Motors – Magical Inspirations

It takes a while to make sense of this ad. But when you do, it blows you away with its creativity. The audiences appreciated it by bringing it to the first place of most-watched ads with groundbreaking 232 Million views.

Akin to its title of magical inspirations, may this ad inspire many in 2020 to create meaningful content in the sphere of advertising.

What were your favourite ads in 2019? Share them with us in the comments below.

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