Tanishq Brings You Zuhur

There is something special when women get together; in olden days, they would gather at the communal well or by the river doing laundry, knitting or Saturday markets. They would bond, talk about their lives, men, kids, food, anything under the sun really. Over the years, this has been replaced by shopping, drinking and mid-night sessions, dinners, dancing and other ways of connecting among womenfolk.
What jumps at you in this ad is how the bond between the women in the ad beautifully captures the depth, like wine that ages gracefully and tastes better with added years. Women bonding is a powerful act and often one of the most healing. This has been researched and scientifically proven. It is not gossip sessions as is popularly known. It is deeply nourishing.
Concepualised by Lowe Lintas, the ad features actors Deepti Sati and Mishti Chakraborty other than the amazing Mame Khan and troupe singing in the ad that re-emphasizes how eternal diamonds are just like the bond between women. So with an old school Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan tune “Sajna Tere Bina” playing, the women bond over wine and laughter.
‘Zuhur’ by Tanishq leaves you with a feeling of closeness with your sister-folk and women all over the world. It also leaves you with a sweet taste for what diamonds can make you feel. That stone that makes Audrey Hepburn’s heart skip a beat and gives her a high in the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. That stone is as eternal as our feelings for our loved ones.
Take a look at the sweet ad here:

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