"Mere Creep Se Creepy Koi Creep Nahi Hai"

Art is a  highly powerful way to channel, deal, cope with, whatever you may call it when you are faced with real life situations. In shades of comedy, tragedy, drama or a mix, it always finds a place in people’s minds and is often soul cleansing for the creator.
All India Bakchod aka AIB and Truly Madly‘s latest ‘Creep Qawwali’ will hit close to home for women in general and this one in particular to women in India. We are all well-versed with phrases that go “i lyk you”, “will you be my fraaand” and such others that are sitting in our “other folder” section on facebook. The video precisely picks out the best parts of “creep” alerts from the virtual world, matching it with a real world version translated into a jugalbandi putting a hilarious spin to it.
The highlight other than the topic itself is Shweta Basu Prasad who makes a come back with this video along with Mansi Multani.

Creep Qawalli; Image source: www.peppystory.com
Creep Qawalli

The video is directed by Aditya Bose and the singers are Aditi Paul and Mansi Multani with All India Bakchod in collaboration with the dating app site Truly Madly. The AIB video breaks hushed whispers and looking the other way from the virtual and the real world creeps in a  fun and blunt fashion.

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