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Smelly To Smiley : 5 Things To Keep Smelling & Looking Fresh

Gone are the days when women smoking was considered scandalous. Of course not all parts of India maybe ready to see a woman smoking in the street but it is not uncommon. Here are our tips to keep your lips supple and your breath fresh:
Always carry a mouth-spray, gum or some good old elaichi:
You could use a small empty box of Altoids or something similar-a tin box that looks good. Keep a mix of clove, elaichi and other Indian mouth fresheners or if you hate the spicy taste in your mouth, plain, simple chewing gum will just do, You could throw in a few throat easers too. Keep this light and keep it handy.
Lip balms:
People look at your lips when you speak and it’s so important to make sure it’s not dry, chapped and looking like you just smoked. Make sure you keep moisturising it when you are out. Just pick up a good lip balm.
Now that your lips and your breath are taken care of, you need to make sure your skin doesn’t look dry. Smokers often forget that their skin gets dry quicker than non-smokers. Keep you hands shining and your face glowing. Drink tons of water.

Keep the smoke smell to yourself
Keep the smoke smell to yourself

Hair spray:
Hands are easy to take care of but your hair will definitely start smelling; this is even if you are second hand smoking. A small bottle of hair spray is your best bet.
Hand sanitisers and hand cream:
These are minor things that you can throw into your bag. Your hands will start smelling once you smoke. Bring a small tube of hand cream with you, and you don’t have to worry about shaking hands with people.

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