Made for each other

We tend to naturally associate some celebrities to some brands. Some models to some endorsements. Some faces to some products. Something clicks between these celebrities and the brands and something ticks when the audience watches it. It catapults both the brands and the faces to a zenith. IAD picks a few faces and brands that became synonymous with each other
Preity Zinta & Liril: Do you get nostalgic when you watch the old Liril ads? Who is the one celebrity that comes to mind when you think of that commercial? I bet for most of you it’s Preity Zinta. Made by ad filmmaker Kailash Surendranth in the 80s, the brand achieved a cult status through its ads “La Ra La La” and the catchy jingle. Of course the faces that endorsed the brand were equally appreciated. The first face was Karen Lurel after which Preity Zinta took over and there were a few others after her. But it was Zinta’s face that became really well-known. There was something about this curly haired lass that stood out. She eventually became a huge Bollywood star. Didn’t we see the spark in her Liril ad? She came to be known as the Liril Girl. She also came be known for her Perk ad.
Aishwarya Rai & Coca-Cola: Aishwarya Rai and Aamir Khan are the only two celebrities who have endorsed both Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Aishwarya Rai’s image became very poignant and sculpted with this ad. She looked international and the commercial was a huge boost to her image as a star. She did the Pepsi ad in 1993 before she won the Miss World title in 1994 after which she starred again in the Coca-Cola ad with Aamir Khan. The Pepsi commercial was shot during the Mumbai riots, also featuring Mahima Chaudhry; the jingle said “Yahi Hai Right Choice Baby Ahaan”. The Coca-Cola ad looked more at the internet age with Ash and Aamir planning an actualt meet in person situation with Coca- Cola being their object of identification and the tagline said “Coca-Cola Ho Jaaye”. Aishwarya’s image was marked by this ad and became very closely associated with it.
Deepika Padukone & Nescafe: She has appeared in many commercials but her Nescafe commercial series somehow fit really well with her personality. While ad series have been the trend in the recent times, Deepika and Nescafe together have some good and quirky ad series. Her easy going personality, what makes her tick and what gives her the energy to be creative is the way the ad was built and it worked really well. She has been in the Close-Up ad before she became famous. As an actress,she endorses many products out there in the market but something about Nescafe just works well with Deepika’s image.
Dia Mirza & Eco-Green Panasonic: Panasonic’s ‘Eco-Ideas’ initiative featured Dia Mirza as the face of the product. Roped in as an ambassador for Panasonic eco-friendly items, her inolvement with enovironment friendly products in the ads seemed right. Saving the planet which was the concept seemed to take off well with Mirza representing the cause. Everytime we think of Panasonic Eco-Green, we cannot not think of Dia Mirza.
Katrina & Slice: The commercial may make no nsense. But it gives you a refreshing feeling when you watch it. Katrina’s screen presence and the Slice as her prop is simply rejuvenating. Slice and Katrina images from the ad caught up and the jodi has worked really well in the market.

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