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Bhavyata Sharma: A small town beauty with big dreams

The population of your town or the number of digits in the area of the place you were raised doesn’t matter if the size of your dreams is infinite. As a 5 year old daughter of a Mechanical Engineer in Ajmer, Rajasthan, when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, “I want to be Miss India,” she said. It was not a mere fantasy because with hard work and determination, she made her dreams come true.  This beauty was crowned Miss India Elite, 2014.
The journey wasn’t short and wasn’t meant to be either. She has modeled for a couple of ethnic wear brands, has been the Femina Campus Princess finalist and was also the top 10 supermodels international 2014 where she bagged the title of Miss Talented! While Bhavyata Sharma‘s beauty is appreciated through the profession she is in, her intellect matches it; she is an Electronics Engineer.
Her list of career milestones include being shortlisted for Lakme India Fashion Week, Gennext, the show stopper at various shows like Jaipur Cultural Fest and being honored with “Beti Srishti Rattan Award” and “Women Of The Future Award, 2015”.  
Bhavyata is considering a Bollywood offer and talks with IAD about getting started as a model, her challenges and her journey so far.

Bhavyata Sharma making her way into the modelling world
Bhavyata Sharma making her way into the modelling world

First of all tell us how you got started?
It didn’t happen overnight; it was a childhood dream, which took a lot of hard work, efforts and failures too. I am among the lucky ones with support from my family. So despite the entire struggle and a few failures, I know that at least I have got my family by my side. People see smiling ladies with tiaras and all the spotlights but it is way beyond that; there are no shortcuts to success. On one hand you’re wearing a crown and you see the red carpet and on the other hand, you have to know how to try and bring balance to the universe.
What are the challenges of coming from a small town?
I don’t believe that these things really matter when you are passionate about something. Being a Miss India aspirant was not just something I wanted; it was a part of my personality, just like my face is. Of course small town means lack of resources and guidance but I can’t really complain about it, because internet was my teacher and I never backed down nor did I hesitate at learning from my mistakes.
Being crowned as Miss India Elite, then bagging the title of miss talented at an international pageant, woman of the year, beti srishti rattan, walking the ramp for some well known designers, how has your popularity changed your equation with family?
My parents are the proudest and happiest people on Earth for all my achievements. They have always been very supportive and that is the best part of my life because irrespective of my failures or successes I always knew that there are 4 people who would never judge me.
Bhavyata Sharma Miss India Elite 2014
Bhavyata Sharma Miss India Elite 2014

What are the everyday challenges you face as a model?
Well, there are a few challenges but I think that is the price you pay for your dreams. You have to keep yourself in shape, look confident every second and look fresh and energetic all the time. Then there are the long practice sessions in high heel shoes (*chuckles*).
How do you prepare yourself for the camera?
I read a lot about techniques while facing the camera since I had no real guidance from anyone in particular. I used to practice in front of the mirror for example; to see what kind of profile shots will suit me and what I looked like when I spoke. This really increased my confidence level and now it just comes naturally.
What is the most fascinating aspect of this industry?
People get to know you, they recognize you at random places and the best part I think is that you get to inspire them, set an example for them.
How do you spend your time when you are away from the spotlights?
Spending time with the family is the topmost priority for me in the free time. Apart from that I love dancing and cooking. When my mother sees that dinner is ready when she is back home from the office, it makes her really happy and I treasure that.
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Written by Anurakti Sharma

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