Daily Recharge vs. Daily Dillagi

The snow, the smiles and Neelu & Mannu; it’s a simple story line but still effective. Neelu & Mannu’s love story evolves while Neelu gets a Tata Sky recharge everyday. It’s a great campaign with just the right length dedicated to each of the series.
The protagonists Neelu and Mannu played by Himani Sisodiya and Prit Kamani respectively, are a great fit for the characters culled out for the story. The duo also portray amazing on-screen chemistry. The parallel drawn between the simple love story and the simple recharge, conceptually maybe pretty basic but the love story triggered by the simple recharge is incredibly well thought out and executed.

Daily Dillagi with Mannu & Neelu; Image source: www.tatasky.com
Daily Dillagi with Mannu & Neelu; Image source: www.tatasky.com

The Daily Recharge vs. Daily Dillagi thread running through the series of ads is light on our hearts, the weather perfectly romantic and it’s got all the right ingredients just like in the movies, except that this takes way less time to get us hooked on to it.
Their fights are also really silly but it just seems real for some reason and that’s something that makes this ad very endearing. So if you are grumpy today or feeling like there is no way you can find love the way you see it happen in the movies, let this super short ad be a super big reminder that it’s not all that complicated.

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