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"Many people focus on the weaknesses than appreciating the goodness in others" – Vibhoutee Sharma

Two beauty crowns winner, model and an actor in the making, Vibhoutee Sharma wants to inspire others through a positive attitude towards life. Read on as she enthusiastically talks about what gave her the confidence to move to Mumbai! An IAD exclusive.
What does your name “Vibhoutee” mean?
Vibhoutee means “Glory”. Some people mistake it to “Bhabhuti” though, which means ash.
“Cute!” Do you hear that often? 
Haha, yes of course! Loads of time, and I love it… Pretty face can get you the needed attention but it’s the talents and skills that you develop which will take you forward. For your question, short or longer hair, I feel variation is the key. As a kid I enjoyed short hair but at times work demands long hair. Given a chance I would love to go shorter – like Halle Berry. (laughs)
Riding TVS Scooty with Anushka Sharma:
What does your day look like?
I start my day early with lemon water and almonds followed by yoga. This gives me a natural glow.

Vibhoutee Sharma indian ad divas interview
Vibhoutee Sharma was crowned Miss Pune Citadel

How many girls competed for the Miss Citadel 2010 title? Is this your biggest achievement?
There were around eight girls shortlisted for the Miss Pune Citadel title… Yes, the pageant did give me a good platform and the accomplishment is really big for me! I was thrilled to be crowned by Abhishek Bachchan… After Citadel title I won the Lifestyle’s MAX Face of the Year 2011 title which reassured and motivated me to shift my base (from Pune) to Mumbai. I take these accomplishments as milestones.
Who or what inspired you to choose modelling over a 9-5 job? Is this your dream?
Honestly, modelling just happened. I actually dreamed of going abroad but life had better plans and showered me with good assignments. And one after the other, things kept falling in place; soon I realized this was my destiny… Lucky me!
Whisper Ultra tvc:
Does education help? What is your USP?
I have done MBA in Human Resource from Pune; I believe that education is important as it grooms you in and out. My USP is my expression – the combination of my smile and my eyes which are in perfect harmony with each other.  (Laughs)
Vibhoutee Sharma - the new Cadbury ad girl on TV.
Vibhoutee Sharma – the new Cadbury Dairy Milk ad girl on TV.

How did you end up in Yeh Hai Aashiqui | Siyappa Ishq Ka? Was it a tough role to pull off?  
In Yeh Hai AashiquiKidnapping episode, I play “Rhythm”, an innocent daughter of neglecting parents. The makers were looking for a fresh face who is bubbly and full of energy. In my audition, I justified the character… In person, I am quite mature than what the role demanded but director kept bringing that inner child in me into the play. Rhythm‘s role was so much fun…. It gave me an opportunity to portray my acting skills. I am glad I did it.
Describe your experience working with Zeenat Aman in Love Life & Screw Ups? What should we expect from the new web series?
Zeenat ji is truly an evergreen diva in every aspect… she’s a sweetheart! Working and sharing screen with her has been a wonderful experience. Love, Life and Screw Ups is full of entertainment and laughter. The series will release in July.
"Be like water" - vibhoutee sharma
“Be like water” – Vibhoutee Sharma

When did you get your tattoo pierced? What language is it and what does it mean?
The tattoo on my arm is in Japanese and reads: “Be like water”. It was inspired from one of the Bruce Lee quotes. I was in college when I got this tattoo. (smiles)
One thing that bothers you the most about our society and how do you plan to change it?
I am a very positive, happy go lucky person. Many people focus too much on the weaknesses than appreciating the goodness in others and the situations… I believe in ‘be the change you wish to see‘ rule and seek to inspire others.
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An actor you wish to work with? Future projects?
Undoubtedly, I dream of working with Irrfan Khan. Fingers crossed. Few of my projects in pipeline are: print and TVC for Cadbury Dairy Milk and Titan Skinn Perfume; web series – Love, Life & Screw ups; and the romantic drama film “Ok Jaanu” with Dharma Productions. (signs off) tvc:
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