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Top 5 Makeup Tips from Chitra Maudgil Artistry

As promised here are the basic beauty and makeup tips from Chitra Maudgil:
Skincare regime: Having a good skin and to achieve that, cleaning with a good face wash, scrubbing once a week, moisturizing; sometimes your skin is more oily when it’s trying to overcome dryness and that’s why it’s oily in some areas but if you have a light weight moisturizer it will help your skin. Other than that dry-essential oils-closer to home options-almond oil, vitamin oil, prim rose oil which is good for eye area. Make sure it’s not too sensitive to oil and toning.
Kajal: Indian eyes are doe-eyed with a lot of kajal; I have seen so many women wearing it and it looks beautiful. The eyes divert attention from anything else bad going on with the skin. In India kajal is not even considered make-up.

photo_nikita reddy-model_twinkle-chitra maudgil makeup
Model: Twinkle makeup by Chitra Maudgil. Nikita Reddy Photography

Don’t just wear make up for the sake of it. See why you are wearing makeup. Sometimes people just do makeup out of a routine but they don’t really need to wear it to make themselves look prettier.
If you feel that you want to wear a purple or a green liner, you should just go ahead and wear it. If you are young that’s the time to wear it. A lot of people who come to MAC ask their husbands, and while the wives may want an orange shade, the husband will say baby pink. I say just have fun with whatever you feel like being because it’s an expression.
Don’t blindly follow the trend. There’s this big trend for big eyebrows; before you go for the trend figure out what works for you.

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