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Sulagna Panigrahi's Beauty Secrets

She has a swag that is instantly noticeable and her cool quotient reflects in her work as well as her words. Sulagna Panigrahi gave us her tips and beauty suggestions
I always put moisturiser when my skin is still wet because it absorbs the moisture better since the pores are a little more open.

I love skater dresses; I love them and have a lot of these dresses. My sister keeps telling me stop buying them. I did Marathi film where the clothes were designed by me. I am also a blue denims, white shirts kind of a girl. Now I own a few winter clothes because I love dressing up in Delhi winters. A casual pair of shoes to pair your clothes with especially if it’s a fitted skirt or a loose jeans and a loose t-shirt. It’s always cool to have sexy clothes, fitted dresses, body hugging clothes so you can keep the variety.
I am actually blessed with good genes. My mom can still fit into my jeans, but she is into yoga and she loves it. I love swimming a lot and that’s the only exercise where you are not sweating and feel yucky. I can do it a lot. I used to gym earlier but I have a knee problem. So now I dance and swim.
I have amla juice every morning. I have vitamin deficiencies so I need to eat sunflower seeds, flax, melon seeds, sesame seeds. I prefer to cook for myself even if  I am shooting; I cook and take my meals to shoot. I love making soups. 
The sensuous Sulagna Panigrahi
The sensuous Sulagna Panigrahi
I use this oil from Kerala that has interesting mix of dried flowers. Nature is something I love. Other things include aloe vera.
My grandma’s haldi paste that she would give all her grand daughters.


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