"You have to be comfortable in your own skin to feel confident" – Smriti Subramaniam

State Basketball player-turned-fashion model, Smriti Subramaniam, talks to IAD about the must-haves for a model to be successful in the much competitive fashion industry! A Biotech graduate from RVCE Bangalore, Smriti moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in modeling. More about her journey and life in her own words.
Is modelling more exciting than engineering? Tell us about your college days and the transition?

When I was in school, I remember being asked if I would do modelling. I said NO. I was way too young then. I was good at sports and won many championships in athletics during my college days. In engineering third year, however, modelling happened. It was a gig was for INMARK fashion show for Prasad Bidapa.
College was fun… I can never forget the hard work, hours of preparation, exam pressure, and the late-night coffees! I made friends with students from across the country. Those were the best days of my life. I am glad I did well and passed with good grades. Education always helps. But modeling is different; it’s an extremely competitive and exciting world. And I totally love it! Honestly, I cannot pick one over the other.

smriti subramaniam quirkbox campaign
Smriti Subramaniam for Quirk Box

How did you break into fashion modelling? What challenges does a freelance model face?
A friend insisted me to forward my pictures to a modelling agency in Mumbai. They liked my pictures and asked me if I would consider moving to the city [from Bangalore]. It was a challenge, but I did. I even worked with some of the best agencies in the country as a freelancer.
I feel that as you are starting out, freelancing is good. There are plenty opportunities. Smart work, branding, and packaging yourself are crucial though. Equally important is to build rapport with the photographers, choreographers, and designers you work with. Luck also plays its part.
Model Smriti Subramaniam in conversation with IAD
Fashion model Smriti Subramaniam in conversation with IAD

Talk about your love for sports? What are your hobbies?
I love sports! I went to a scout school. I was really good at sprints. I played basketball at the state level and wanted to be a professional Basketball player. God had other plans!
I now practice kick-boxing and have recently started horse riding. I sing, work out and learn new languages when free. I will soon take up acting classes and theater. 🙂
smriti subramaniam rmkvsilks campaign
Smriti posing for RMKV Silks – you go girl!

What is your favourite #throwback campaign?
Definitely the one for TheQuirkBox! It was shot in Pune. I fell in love with the outfits. The backdrops were just perfect! 🙂
smriti subramaniam photoshoot for the quirk box in pune
Smriti Subramaniam photoshoot for The Quirk Box in Pune

What gives someone the confidence to walk the ramp among the camera shutters?
Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the foremost quality to gain confidence. Being prepared for the moment is the second. And the third is poise.
How do you plan your day? Fitness regime? Must haves for a model?
I wake up early. I’m not really a morning person. I have a small gym set up at home. I workout at least thrice a day to keep myself in shape. As you know, fitness is a very important aspect of a model’s life. Your job revolves around being in the best shape throughout. I would say a mix of weight training and cardio, and other forms of exercises such as yoga, Pilates help a lot.
smriti subramaniam walking the ramp for designer swapnil shinde
Walking the ramp for renowned designer Swapnil Shinde

Have you worked in cities other than Mumbai? How’s modelling experience different there?
I have worked in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Goa and Pune. You get to explore the place, meet different people, and peek into their customs and traditions. So, work in other cities is little relaxing. Don’t you just enjoy travelling to new places? [laughs]
Tell us about
Glad you reminded me! It really needs an update! I used to write articles for my college newsletters and also contribute to few monthly magazines. I love to treasure the experiences and memorable incidents of my life on the blog.
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Interview by Wajendhar R Kulkarni.

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