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"I have never followed my mind. I have always followed my heart and it has yielded the right results." – Mudra Pandey

She is dusky, sultry and carries her tireless work ethic where she goes. Model and actor, Mudra Pandey has distinguished herself across diverse platforms. This has not only pushed her ‘name-sake’ brand into a fashion but made her one of most trendy names in the industry. She can work wonders with her style of design and an incredible camera presence. She has worked with renowned brands such as Zoya by Tanishq, Dove Clothing, Levi’s jeans, jewellery campaign for Akash Das and Snapdeal. Her ramp shows include Lakme fashion show, IFF 2014, Wella hair color and Max Lifestyle.
In an exclusive interview, Mudra sheds light into her life and passions.

Model and Actor Mudra Pandey; Picture Credit: Tan Suri Photography
Model and Actor Mudra Pandey;  Picture Credit: Tan Suri Photography

People often have these preconceived notions of what it is to be a model. What’s been your experience?  
It’s good to be slightly ambitious, but I believe one shouldn’t be too calculative. It’s good to be on the edge, but I have never followed my mind. I have always followed my heart. And it has yielded the right results.
What is the biggest shift you have seen in recent times?  
Well change is one of the truths of life and in modeling change is a necessary step for success. I feel change is good and it should happen in every person’s life.
Mudra Pandey In A Black And White Still
Mudra Pandey In A Black And White Still

Your sources of inspiration when you’re crafting the character? 
This is a tough one! It’s impossible to narrow it down to just one. There are so many inspirational people out there and so many we just don’t know about. I think I’ll just go with my Dad to be safe. He has to be the toughest man I know.
Fashion is always changing – what are some things that you’ve noticed in terms of trends or movements that you’re really into?
While I believe that when you are in the glamour industry, you have to look your best, I also believe being skinny is not ‘hot and happening’. Fashion always has something interesting!
Mudra Pandey
Mudra Pandey

What are some of the things you are working on at the moment?
I am working with many brands for print as well as TV campaigns and one of my dreams, Kingfisher Calendar, which is going to be out in the next few months.
What are your favourite ads so far?
It’s difficult to narrow down because I love my work and every campaign or ramp walk and anything else that makes me feel special is precious to me.
 What do you like most about your job?
As far as modeling goes, the best thing has to be the amount you get to travel and the people you get to meet.
Mudra Pandey Shot By Vivek Monga
Mudra Pandey Shot By Vivek Monga

Every person is unique and special. What is unique about you according to you? 
Well, I think I have a dusky skin tone which make me different from others.
 What is your mantra in life?  
I feel that ups and downs are a part of one’s career, and this totally depends on how you take it. You can either be knocked down by the negative things, or you can take it in a positive way and learn from it. I don’t think you need any kind of backing here in the industry. I think what you achieve in your life is the result of your own talent and hard work.
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