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Model and actor Charu Kashyap on beauty, health & style

Actor and model Charu Kashyap gives IAD reader some quick and easy tips on staying beautiful, healthy and always in style
Early riser
As I am from the East I am an early riser. I wake up at 5-am and I either do yoga or go for a morning walk. Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora Khan’s regime is pretty hardcore. They are both very tough women and know that there are many health benefits that one can derive from yoga. It does a lot to the day. If I wake up after 9 am it’s somehow dull for me and i become lazy all day long.
Water therapy
Drinking two glasses of lukewarm water early morning is good for your health. This is something my mum tells me and she says it bring a beautiful glow to your face. I don’t question her belief (laughs).
Hail sunscreen
I take care of my skin because it is oily and sensitive. So I just go for herbal products. I don’t step out of the house without a sunscreen unless it is late evening after 6 pm but even if it’s cloudy during daytime, I make sure I wear sunscreen.
Go natural
I believe in natural beauty. There are people who have questions like why don’t you wear make-up to meetings. I say if you want to see me with make up just look at my pictures. Being plain gives people an idea of what can be done with your face. I wear kaajal but nothing else on a daily basis.
charu priya sengupta
Personal style
I am tomboyish. I have always been treated like a guy and I have a tomboyish dressing sense. I believe you should always wear something that is comfortable. For normal day wear, I prefer full sleeve t-shirts and a pair of jeans or maybe shorts at times.
Favourite Brands
My favourite brands include Body Shop, Forest Essentials, Maybelline and Mac. Mac is a very safe option as far as make up goes. I love fragrances; whenever I happen to travel abroad, I bring the original Victoria’s Secret and Chanel and Hermes.
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