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Medha's Secrets For Flawless Skin

Model/Actor/Writer Medha spills her secrets to acquiring a winning skin and easy style
*  I have good skin and the credit goes to my Mum. I do nothing for it. I think it’s important to keep the skin clean. If you live in Bombay, it can be very cruel to your skin. The water doesn’t suit everybody, then there’s pollution and dirt all around. Our skin collects all of that. So you have to wash your face and that’s the best advice for your skin.
* Moisturize. Of course don’t do too much of it. Our skin has healing abilities and it rejects things that are alien. I don’t do too much, I don’t go for a facial;  maybe I have age on my side. Maybe ten years down the line I might have to do that. I just wear sunscreen. Just the basic things.
Medha's flawless skin; Photographer: Sanja Sangeeth Sivan
Medha’s flawless skin; Photographer: Sanja Sangeeth Sivan
* Wear as little make up as possible. You don’t need it. Women are so beautiful. They have lovely eyes, noses, jaw lines. Nobody really needs make up.
* I am a t-shirt and shorts or jeans kind of person. Casual and comfortable is a good fashion statement. A nice dress can never go wrong; a pretty dress that will take you through all parties. I love my pajamas and shorts.

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