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“My mother is my lifeline and my hiding place” – Malhaar Rathod

Malhaar Rathod
Model and actor Malhaar Rathod shares her passions, her favourite brands and what success means to her with IAD!
Was your name inspired by the Indian raag Malhaar?
Yes, it is. In Indian mythology, there is a raag known as the Malhaar raag and is sung to please the rain God. My parents told me I was born on a rainy day so I guess they found the name Malhaar apt for me.

What’s the best thing about the city you live in?
I’m a Bombay girl. Born and brought up here. There are so many good things about Mumbai. But the best if you ask me is the safety for women this city has.
Who is the most important person in your life and why?
The most important person in my life would be my mother. I just can’t function without her.She is always there for me and has supported me through everything in life. My mother is my lifeline and my hiding place. I am proud to say that she is the best mother anyone could ask for.
You are on the amazon store online cover! What are some of the brands that you are proud of endorsing?
Yes I am! It’s one of the best advertising campaigns that I’ve worked for. By God’s grace, I’ve got to work for all the prestigious brands. Just to name a few: Docomo, Garnier, Clean and Clear, Dove, Dell Laptops, Axis Bank and many more.
Sunsilk Real FM: how big a role did it play for you in terms of your professional growth?
Sunsilk Real FM came to me at a very good time in my career. It was my first tryst with drama. I had the fabulous opportunity to work with people like Mr. Anurag Basu and Mr. Akarsh Khurana. I started getting recognized after this film in the sense that people now knew that I could act as well, and I’m not just a pretty face and that won it for me. After that, I did a film as a lead with Mr. Bejoy Nambiar as the producer, titled Fattack and it happened to be written by the director of Real FM – Akarsh Khurana. The movie is up and ready and the makers are looking at a release date. Super excited!
One co-star you have enjoyed working with the most?
That would be Namit Das. He played my brother in the film. His sense of humour is just fantastic and it was always fun on set having him around. Having said that, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with really good people as my co-stars so far.
What does success mean to you?
To be honest, I don’t think one can measure success. More so, people define success with regards to materialistic things. More houses, cars, clothes, etc. But for me it’s that smile on my mother and my father’s face, first thing in the morning. Having them smile at me with endless, selfless love, and having them tell me that I’m doing good so far, that’s success for me.

malhaar rathod interview
Malhaar Rathod In A Tete-e-Tete With IAD!

What are some of your upcoming projects?
My upcoming projects are the Clean and Clear campaign, Garnier, TVS Wego, Act 2 Popcorn and 99
What’s your stress-buster?
My stress buster would be travelling. Experiencing new cultures, new cuisines; apart from traveling, I like reading, painting and I like listening to music.
ashish sompura malhaar rathod
Smokey Eyed Malhaar Rathod Captured by Ashish Sompura.

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