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Kodikanal Won’t: The Girl Who Spits Fire

Angry at what a certain big corporate company (read Unilever) has done to her beautiful Kodaikanal. You know who we are talking about. She has gone viral through her video. Chennai-born copywriter/ rapper Sofia Ashraf’s video has received more than a million hits and stirred talk about the damage Unilever’s mercury dumping has caused the former factory workers and residents in Kodaikanal.

“Kodaikanal won’t step down, until you make amends now,” raps Sofia. Inspired by Nicki Minaj’s song “Anaconda,” Sofia who is no newbie to writing about socially conscious issues and expressing it through her rap raised questions in a way that requires real gumption. Her 2008 video rapping about social justice in a burqa had gone viral too. We are definitely watching out for her next video.
Kodaikanal Won’t:
Justice Rocks:

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