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Makeup artists are behind-the-scenes warriors of the entertainment industry. While they work behind closed doors, it is their brushstrokes that manage to grab the spotlight. One such warrior, a celebrity makeup artist with years of experience in her kitty, talks about thriving as an artist in the glamour world. Tune in as Anjali Tater gives talks about all things makeup.
Where did you grow up? When did your love for makeup emerge?
I am a Rajasthani by birth, born and raised in Bangalore. I was that kid who would do everything at once. Be it art and craft, dance, sports, fashion – my mother encouraged me to be heavily involved in extra-curricular activities. Amidst all those things, two were closest to my heart—makeup and travel. To supplement the latter, I ventured into event management while I was pursuing B.Com from Jain University. I did it for seven years, but my love for makeup was brewing dormant.
When did you decide to get formal training in makeup?
In 2015, colors started attracting me. I was drawn to runaways and the fashion world. I decided to get formal training in the makeup industry. I had the privilege of having some of the top industry experts as my mentors.
These are some milestones from my training:

  • Master Class with Marianna Mukuchyan
  • Certification by Bobbi Brown
  • Trained under Shruti Bhatt Makeup School
  • Trained under Kulsum Parvez Makeup Academy
IAD: How did you decide to pursue this career professionally? What was your first break?
Anjali Tater: I felt like makeup was something I would give my 100% in since I love it with all my heart. After I got certified in July 2017, I decided to leave Event Management behind and become a full-time makeup artist. My years of experience in PR came in handy in the long run. I had made tons of contacts and had established a professional network of friends and acquaintances. This experience helped me start big in this new chapter in my life.
A friend got me a gig for an award function in Bangalore. Lots of big Bollywood celebrities had come down. People were impressed with my work. Thus, I started getting noticed in Bollywood circles. All the work I got next was purely by word of mouth.
What were some of the challenges you faced when you started? How did you tackle them?
One of my biggest challenges was that I was extremely young when I started. People would doubt my credibility. I was merely a 22-year-old on the block. After a point, I stopped telling people my age. I would insist that they see my profile first. Initially, I would give free trials, let the clients see my work. I put conscious efforts in building trust. That has gone a long way in helping me grow.
Another plus point for me is that I use luxury products only, all of which are imported from the US, keeping the emphasis on quality helped me create a name for myself.
IAD: What is your USP as a makeup artist?
Anjali Tater: I focus on enhancing features and not changing someone’s look entirely. Some people want to change their complexion, the shape of their nose, and so on. I am completely against that. Makeup helps you find beauty within, not alter your true self.
I am exceptionally fascinated with dusky skin, but unfortunately, many girls come to me wanting to become fair. There have been times when I have helped women get over their insecurities and find beauty in their complexion, features. I consider such instances as my biggest achievements. The reason I love what I do is that it has helped me create confident women.
What are some basic makeup tips you have for our readers?
The base for makeup is a healthy skin within.

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Cleanse your face regularly
  • Don’t overdo foundation – your skin needs to breath
  • Something as small as filling in your brows can go a long way

While these little tricks will help create an ideal base, the essential skill is to be confident in your skin. Makeup is merely a supplement. Confidence will seal the deal.
How do you manage to work for different clients and faces?
Makeup is a highly personalized process. I come across a lot of skin and textures. I have to understand the client, their taste, complexion, sensitivity, their likes, and dislikes. It really is a process of getting to know that person. It is essential to communicate personally with each client. I don’t mind working even on Sundays, because I genuinely enjoy what I do.
What has your ‘dream come true’ moment in the industry?
I am a big-time cricket fanatic. It was IPL season, and a friend asked me if I would be interested in handling makeup for the RCB team’s shoot. I was on cloud nine! I readily agreed and posted pictures of the shoot on Instagram. Shah Rukh Khan’s PR team got in touch with me, and I was roped in for the KKR shoot as well. All the cricketers were extremely sweet and friendly. That was definitely a dream come true for me.
I also worked on a magazine cover for Renee Kujur, who you might know by the title of ‘Indian Rihanna.’ I was the official makeup partner for the Indian Designer League, which took place in Bangalore. I took a big entourage of artists to handle makeup of over 120 people. These are some projects close to my heart.
What are some ways you use to promote yourself on social media?
Instagram is a growing medium for artists to promote themselves and find leads. These are some factors I focus on while using social media for business leads:

  • Organic Content

Instagram works on analogy rather than chronology. I personally focus on posting regular content rather than promoting posts.

  • Portfolio

I ensure that the variety of my services is seen on my feed. I am involved with weddings, shoots, celebrity makeup, and a lot more. I make it a point to emphasize equally on all fronts.

  • Engagement

I reply instantly to DMs and comments and keep my feed interactive. This interaction helps capitalize on leads.
Lastly, what are some skills which are important for a makeup artist? What would be your advice for budding artists?
People look at the makeup industry, and they see easy money. They don’t see the years of practice that goes behind it.
I would say the following are some of the things that every makeup artist should be equipped with:

  • Self-confidence

Experimentation is critical as a makeup artist. Only someone confident in their craft can take the plunge to try new things

  • Creativity

Makeup is not a science; it is an art. Creativity and innovation are indispensable skills in this profession

  • Originality

Many people merely imitate the work of famous artists. It is okay to get inspired, but beyond a point, your individual style will stand out and create demand

  • Research

Checking up on trends, new products, innovations, and keeping yourself up to date is essential. Makeup industry changes by the hour

  • Practice

Makeup is a practical field. Theory can only get you so far. The more you practice, the better you get.

  • Learning

I can never say I have learned all that there is to learn. A makeup artist must be in a constant quest for knowledge. I learn something new every day
The last and most important tip is to keep the passion alive. If you love what you do, the sky is the limit.
Here is IAD wishing Anjali continued success in her life and career.
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